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Oceano Cliff Ayurvedic Beach Retreat, Varkala

Near Perumkulam Oceano Cliff Road, Varkala, Varkala, Kerala - 695141 Map View Map

Hotel Location:
Rooms: 28
Check-in time: From 12:00 / Check-out time: Until 11:00
  • Near Perumkulam Oceano Cliff Road, Varkala, Varkala


Nestled on the unspoiled shores of Varkala, Oceano Cliff Ayurvedic Beach Retreat offers a relaxing Ayurvedic vacation in Kerala. Settled amid verdant greens, every corner of the resort enjoys breathtaking views of the sea, the beach and the lush palms. A stay in the beautiful property refreshes your senses like never before. With the focus on health and wellbeing, here you indulge in authentic Ayurveda treatments. Yoga and meditation provides holistic cure to the body, mind and soul. For mouthwatering local and Indian cuisines, there is the open-air restaurant. Varkala’s Kappil Beach is at walking distance adding to the bliss.

Language:Malayalam, Hindi, English

Best Season:October – February

Weather: Summer: 30°C and 37°C and Winter: 18°C to 34°C

Hotel Features
  • private beach
  • Spa
4Food & Drink
  • Restaurant/ Coffee Shop
  • Free! Wi-Fi is available
  • Room Service
  • 24-hour front desk
  • 24-hour room service
  • Newspapers

The Oceano Beach Retreat offers 27 rooms in different sizes and categories. Each and every one of the rooms come with their own comfort and charm, fitting all budgets and tastes. All rooms are located in a peaceful setting surrounded by swaying palm trees overlooking the wide ocean.

Basic and standard: Charming and comfortable basic rooms, all with attached bathroom. Overlooking the ocean, it’s perfect for stay for families, couples and people seeking Ayurvedic treatments.

Ocean view Suites, Lofts: The best of Oceano Ayurvedic beach retreat, the wooden loft with ocean views uplifts your spirits. The colorful two-room suite provide attached bathroom, balcony or veranda overlooking the verdure garden and the vast cerulean spread of the Arabian Sea.


Dining in Ocean Beach Retreat is as pleasurable as rest of its feature. In the middle of the resorts’ tropical garden you can enjoy a lovely meal in open-air restaurant. The breakfast platter has a pleasant variety of fresh fruits, juices, homemade Muesli, Kerala pancakes with fresh coconut and palm sugar, as well as typical Keralan morning delights. The most important meal of the day is a tastefully spiced treat.

For lunch and dinner the restaurant offers a number of Ayurvedic and Indian dishes. The daily specials on menu are fresh from the sea and the local garden. To help you with better effects of your Ayurvedic treatment you can avail the special diet including some delightful Ayurvedic snacks.


The 5000 year-old science of Ayurveda, promotes harmony in the human body with helping you achieve disease free life, health and wellness. After a detailed consultation, the experienced team of doctors and therapists crafts individual treatment programs according to your personal needs. Oils, herbs and therapies are combined for healing promoting youth, strengthening the immune system and correcting underlying imbalance in the body. The treatments offered at Oceano Cliff Beach Retreat includes customized treatments.


The treatment focuses on increasing physical strength and stamina and enhance spiritual vitality and mental strength. Therapies consists of powder massage, diverse types of oil massages, steam bath or different varieties of Kizhi, Purgation and Sirodhara, etc. Each treatment is customized according to individuals after an extensive analysis by doctors.

Duration: 14 days

Obesity Treatment

The bane of today's time, the excessive accumulation of body fat (MEDAS) is the main cause for obesity (STHOWLYAM). The growing obesity in individuals is the reason for in diminishing life span along with major problems in daily lives. Anti-obesity treatments include proper diet, exercise, Yoga, meditation, therapies mentioned in Ayurveda Siddha among others.

Duration: 30 days


Panchakarma is five-fold cleansing Ayurveda treatment that is a complete purification program. The individual treatment works on body along with mind. "Pancha" means five and the five detoxifying methods are Vamana - therapeutic vomiting or emesis, Virechan – purgation, Basti – enema, Nasya - elimination of toxins through the nose and Rakta Moksha: detoxification of the blood.

This treatment removes toxins mainly from the respiratory and gastrointestinal tract. The therapy can be done for both preventive and curative purposes.

Duration: minimum 45 days


Focused on relaxing the body and mind, the treatment is devised after complete analysis by doctors on the condition of the individual. Even people who don't have any particular serious illness can opt for the treatment to relax. While powder massage works on removing lymphatic blockage, it also increases venous circulation. To relive tension from muscles, joints, tendons, etc. avail oil massages along with steam bath. Sirodhara calms the nerves and relaxes you completely.

Duration: 7 days

Vajeekarana Chikitsa

The Ayurveda Aphrodisiac Therapy, Vajeekarana chikitsa is a holistic treatment to nourish the reproductive tissue and cure diseases like impotence sterility etc.

The Ayurveda therapies involved in the treatment include internal oleation, different types of external oleation therapies, purgation, decoction enema, oil enema, nasal therapy, Sirodhara etc. accompanied by special food and aphrodisiac medical preparations.

Other Ayurveda Treatments available are:

  • Renal care
  • Respiratory care
  • Skin care
  • Special multiple sclerosis

Duration: 21 days