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New Delhi Photo Gallery

New Delhi is the capital of India. The high historical significance of the city is very much evident from the presence of a number of historical structures throughout the city. Any photo gallery of Delhi mostly has the picture of these historical structures. It reveals the fact that Delhi has a deep rooted association with the history of India. As a result, Delhi is dotted with a number of monuments and other historical structures.

The various monuments of Delhi reveal the rich history of the place. Most of these monuments in Delhi date back to the ancient times. Delhi had been ruled by different rulers during different times. Most of these rulers have built a number of monuments in this city to mark their presence or to mark a number of significant events.

A close look at these monuments will reveal a lot about the some of the famous rulers of Delhi. For instance, a visit to the Red Fort will reveal a lot about the famous ruler, Shah Jahan. A visit to the Qutub Minar will also be a worthy one. The monument dates back to 1192 when it was built. It is in fact the highest tower in India. A visit to this monument will reveal the history of Qutubbdin Aibak. He was the viceroy of Mohammed Ghori.

The splendid architecture of the monuments will also be a great experience for the tourists. Most of these monuments reflect the best of Islamic architecture. The various architectural features of these monuments will help you gain enough knowledge about Islamic architecture.

In a photo gallery of Delhi, you will also surely find the picture of India Gate. Designed by Lutyens the monument was built in 1931. This tower was built to commemorate the 90,000 Indian soldiers who died in the First World War. These monuments continue drawing a large number of tourists till now as it also reveals history of recent past. The walls of the arc of the gate have the inscription of names of the soldiers who died in 1971 Indo Pakistan War. You will also find an eternal flame which is lit in the memory of unknown soldiers.

There are also a number of other monuments in Delhi. Some of the most famous includes the Jama Masjid Delhi, Parliament house Delhi, Jantar Mantar, Lotus Temple, Old Fort of Delhi etc. These famous monuments are also a part of most of photo gallery of Delhi. Most of the Delhi tours comprises of a visit to these monuments.