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What To Buy in Indore

The city of Indore was the reigning seat of the Holkar dynasty who formed an important position in the Maratha confederation. However the Third Anglo Maratha war saw the end of this noble class with the British Raj taking over Indore and also intervening in the succession rights of the dynasty. On the whole the history of Indore tells of a bloody saga of battles fought and lost and of the revolt of the Marathas against the British Raj.

If you are visiting Indore make sure to shop for knick knacks and gifts and souvenirs. If you are wondering What to Buy in Indore just venture out of you hotel room and visit the many bazaars of Indore to get a good deal. Shopping forms an integral part of your travel plan. Wherever we go we make it a point to buy things that are distinctively of the place we are visiting.

The shopping of Indore provides you ample opportunities to sief through different items like art and crafts ware, metal wares, zari dress materials and saris, jewelries, and handicrafts. Moreover the Bazaars in Indore with their old world charm and narrow lanes have its own distinctiveness somewhat in the same lines as Bazaars of Haridwar, Ayodhya or Benaras.

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