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Sydney Tower Eye

Sydney Tower Eye is a prominent landmark in Australia and the tallest structure, offering unparalleled panoramic city views. With its towering height and strategic location in the city's heart, the tower attracts many tourists annually. As a renowned tourist attraction, it provides visitors with a captivating experience, allowing them to observe Sydney's breathtaking skyline. Moreover, you will also witness famous landmarks such as the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House and the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean.

The observation deck is located at an impressive elevation, allowing visitors to glimpse the cityscape from multiple perspectives, making it a quintessential stop for tourists and locals alike. Beyond its scenic allure, Sydney Tower Eye offers interactive exhibits, guided tours, and dining options, enhancing the overall visitor experience. Sydney Eye Tower stands as a symbol of Sydney's modernity and allure, drawing crowds from around the globe to admire its grandeur and captivating vistas.

Sydney Tower Eye at a Glance

Category Information
Location Sydney Tower Eye, 100 Market St, Sydney NSW 2000
Built-in 1981
Height 309 meters
Architecture Style Modern Architecture
Experiences Skywalk, Observation, Dinning and 4D Cinema

Experiences at Sydney Tower Eye

Admiring the view from the city's highest point is a phenomenal experience that will be stored in your heart forever. Furthermore, an exhibit is also there where you can learn more about the history and culture of Sydney. Additionally, a visit to this tower is surely an unforgettable journey awaits at Sydney Tower Eye.

Observation Deck: From 250 meters above the city, soak up breathtaking 360-degree panoramas of Sydney Harbour, the iconic Opera House, and the Pacific Ocean. Use high-powered binoculars and interactive touchscreens to identify landmarks.

Skywalk: Thrill-seekers can tackle an open-air walk on the tower's exterior strapped securely to a safety harness. They can enjoy unparalleled, up-close views of the cityscape and harbor for a unique perspective.

4D Cinema Experience: Embark on a multi-sensory journey with special effects like wind, water, and motion that complement the 3D visuals on screen. Expect a thrilling and immersive short film showcasing Sydney's highlights.


Q: How tall is the Sydney Tower Eye?

Ans: This 309-meter tallest structure in Sydney is known for offering incredible views. On a clear day, the observation deck provides panoramic views of the Blue Mountains, stretching up to 80km away.

Q: What's included in a standard ticket?

Ans: Standard tickets grant access to the observation deck, which features high-powered binoculars and interactive touchscreens. You can also enjoy the 4D cinema experience, which showcases Sydney.

Q: Is there anything to eat at the Sydney Tower Eye?

Ans: Yes! There's a cafe for casual dining, or you can experience the revolving restaurants with a buffet lunch or a fancy degustation menu, all featuring stunning city views.

Q: Can I do the Skywalk if I'm scared of heights?

Ans: The Skywalk is an open-air exterior walk requiring a harness. It offers incredible, up-close views if you're comfortable with heights and adrenaline.

Q: What are the opening hours?

Ans: The Sydney Tower Eye is open daily from 10 am to 9 pm, with the last entry at 8 pm. It allows you to enjoy the cityscape during the day or witness the magical transformation during sunset.