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Grand Egyptian Museum Egypt

The Grand Egyptian Museum is situated near the Giza Pyramids in Cairo. Hence, its location enhances its importance as a cultural and historical hub. This museum is one of the most ambitious museum projects in the world. It aims to present Egypt's rich cultural heritage and history, mainly focusing on its ancient civilization, by exhibiting artifacts, monuments, and archaeological discoveries. Its modern design has a touch of traditional vibe that reflects ancient Egyptian motifs and symbolism. It is spread over 490,000 square meters and has a massive collection. Its highlights include Tutankhamun's belongings, including his iconic golden mask, chariots, furniture, and other antiques. Besides discovering its collections, you can enjoy immersive experiences highlighting different aspects of ancient Egyptian civilization. Visiting this museum of Egypt gives you a better outlook on religion, daily life, art, architecture, and technology.

The Grand Egyptian Museum, also known as the Giza Museum, will be the most significant archeological museum in the world, displaying the most extensive collection of King Tutankhamun artifacts, among others. BESIX Group, a Belgian company, and Orascom Construction, an Egyptian company, are behind the construction of this grand museum. Apart from this, this museum's mesmerizing architecture and size will fascinate you. Shaped like a chamfered triangle, it has been built with a translucent stone wall, and the entrance of the Grand Egyptian Museum has imposing statues that will take your breath away. After the announcement, it is expected to receive two to three million visitors annually. And why not? It houses the most extensive collection of Egyptian artifacts the world has ever seen!

Overview of Grand Egyptian Museum

Location Giza
Address Alexandria Desert Rd, Kafr Nassar, Al Haram, Giza Governorate, Egypt
Timing 9 am - 6 pm, Sunday to Thursday


  • The museum has striking architecture.
  • The translucent stone walls and pyramid-shaped structure.
  • Magnificent statues at the entrance.
  • Display of 50,000 artifacts of 19-year-old King Tutankhamun.

Grand Egyptian Museum Ticket

The soon-to-be-open Grand Egyptian Museum ticket price would be around INR 2,072

About Grand Egyptian Museum

Situated on the valley and the plateau, you will witness the most extensive collection of King Tut at the Grand Egyptian Museum. Once it is inaugurated, you can visit one of the world’s most significant archaeological museums and admire the striking architecture and statues.

The museum has been built in a 3D design with a series of layers, and thus, the visitors can move through a monument forecourt, a shaded entrance, and a grand staircase. The Grand Egyptian Museum in Giza is constructed on a slope. There is a 162-foot difference in levels between the Nile Valley, where you will enter, and the Giza Plateau, where the prominent galleries are located.

At the entrance stands the grand statue of Ramesses II, from where you will reach the Grand Staircase. It will lead you from valley to plateau, which is further lined up with 87 magnificent statues of pharaohs and gods.

The left of the staircase has four sections - predynastic and Old Kingdom, Middle Kingdom, New

Kingdom (King Tut, Ramesses, and Co), and Greco-Roman. These are further categorized into themes - Beliefs and Eternity (religion), Kingship and Power (rulers), and Society (the rest of us). On the right of the staircase, there are galleries of Tutankhamun.

The Grand Egyptian Museum also has a separate section for children where kids can learn about Egypt’s ancient world with some state-of-the-art visual tricks.

The exhibition space in the museum is as ample as four football fields with conference and education facilities, a giant convention center, and extensive gardens. Also, in August 2021, the Khufu Ship from the Giza Solar Boat Museum beside the Great Pyramid found its new home and is now displayed at the Grand Egyptian Museum.

Interesting Facts about Grand Egyptian Museum

  •  The museum has an 83-ton and 30-foot-high statue of Ramesses II.
  •  The museum’s structure is shaped like a chamfered triangle.
  •  The Grand Egyptian Museum will include the latest technology, like Virtual Reality.

A competition was announced in 2002 for the design of this museum complex. Architects from 83 different countries submitted more than 1,550 designs. The winner was a Dublin-based company called Heneghan Peng Architects, which received an award of $250,000.

FAQs for Grand Egyptian Museum

Q: When will the Grand Egyptian Museum open?

Ans: The Grand National Museum's opening has been announced in the final quarter of 2021.

Q: What is the cost of the Grand Egyptian Museum?

Ans: The entire project of the Grand Egyptian Museum took 79.5 crores or $795 million.

Q: Is the Grand Egyptian Museum the biggest museum in Egypt?

Ans: Yes. The Grand Egyptian Museum with a display of 50,000 artifacts is the biggest museum in Egypt. It is dedicated to a single civilization and houses the most precious relics.

Q: What is inside the Grand Egyptian Museum?

Ans: The Grand Egyptian Museum holds thousands of documents related to Egyptian civilization along with approx. 5000 objects related to Tutankhamun will be displayed for the first time since their discovery in 1992.