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France Tourist Visa

France is one of the most beautiful places in the world to relish your holiday. The list of things to do and tourist places in France gives you a challenge as to which one you should pick first. But most importantly, you must pick a tourist visa to celebrate your holiday moments here. The france tourist visa will allow you a fantastic vacation amidst the historical sights, architecture, art, exceptional landmarks, and beautiful modern structures. Apart from it, exploring the museum, enjoying ziplining, digging gardens, and having a shopping spree in the vibrant street is all a part of your vacation in France. But, before imaging yourself in the streets of Paris or clicking images in front of the Eiffel Tower, look at the required details about the France visa.

How to Apply For France Visa

You can make an appointment at the Visa Center through the VFS Global website. Submit your application, fee, and documents to get your visa. However, an online application to get your France visa is another option. You can apply for your Visa application form, pay your processing fee, and submit your application. After that, you will have to track the France Visa status of your application and get it yourself.

Duration of France Visa Process

France visa processing time depends upon various factors, including nationality and purpose. The processing time may take 2 months; sometimes, it can extend to 6 months. If we talk about the France tourist visa from India, the short-stay visa typically takes 15 working days, but it can take up to 45 days.

Documents Required For France Visa

The documents for France Visa Application will vary as per your visa type. Some of the mandatory documents that you are required to have while applying for a visa application. Check out the list of required documents here.

  • A complete Visa Application Form from France
  • Two recent passport-size photographs with 35 X 40mm
  • A copy of your Medical Travel insurance
  • A full itinerary of France or any specific destination in France.
  • Financial proof of your stay in France (bank statement)
  • Proof of Accommodations and Confirmed tickets

Frequently Asked Questions About France Visa

Q: Do Indians require a visa for France?

Ans. Yes, Indian citizens require a pre-approved tourist visa to enjoy a vacation in France. However, Indians need a Schengen visa for a holiday in France. 

Q: Is there a visa on arrival facility in France for Indians?

Ans. No, there is no facility for Visa on arrival in France for an Indian, and you will have to apply for it before planning your visit. Make sure to have all the mandatory documents to get you your tourist visa quickly.

Q: What is the cost of a France Visa fee for Indian citizens

Ans. For a short-term Visa, like the Schengen Visa fee, the price is around 93 Euros (Approximately Rs 6,600)

Q: What is the peak season to visit France?

Ans. June to August and December to January is considered the peak time for a vacation in France. During these months, you will enjoy the beautiful climate and enjoy joyful sightseeing in France.