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Indonesia Tour Packages

When it comes to planning wonderful vacations in a beautiful country, Indonesia becomes the preferred choice of many. Indeed planning an Indonesia trip surprises the holidaymakers with a plethora of natural treasures. Besides, the charismatic archipelago also allows to partake in a number of adventure activities. Add to that hopping more than 17 volcanic islands which raise the fun quotient.

Popular Indonesia Holiday Packages

Tour Name Duration Price
Bali Special Tour 4 Nights/ 5 Days INR 13,500
Bali Honeymoon Package 5 Nights/ 6 Days On Request
Best of Bali Tour 4 Nights/ 5 Days On Request
Malaysia & Bali Tour 7 Nights/ 8 Days On Request
Classic Bali Tour 4 Nights/ 5 Days On Request

Best Indonesia Travel Packages

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Beautiful Bali Tour
5 N / 6 D


Price On Request
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Bali Countryside Tour
4 N / 5 D


Price On Request
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Bali Spa & Wellness Tour
5 N / 6 D


Price On Request
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Bali Offbeat Tour
7 N / 8 D


Price On Request
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Singapore & Bali Tour
6 N / 7 D

Singapore - Bali

Price On Request
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Price On Request
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Bali Special Tour
5 N / 6 D


Price On Request
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Bali Honeymoon Package
5 N / 6 D


Price On Request
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Best of Bali Tour
4 N / 5 D


Per Person
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Malaysia and Bali Tour
7 N / 8 D

Bali-Kuala Lumpur

Price On Request
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Bali Tour for Couple
3 N / 4 D


Price On Request
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Singapore Extravaganza with Cruise and Bali
8 N / 9 D

Bali - Singapore - Cruise

Price On Request
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Classic Bali Tour
4 N / 5 D

Bali (Indonesia)

Price On Request
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Singapore with Bintan Tour
5 N / 6 D

Singapore - Bintan Island

Price On Request
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Showing : 1-14 out of 14

As varied as the country, are the Indonesia Travel Packages that are planned keeping in mind everything that a visitor can envisage. Be it marveling at the skyscrapers or basking in the serenity that prevails around the silently positioned Buddhas; the exquisitely-crafted packages include them all.

Cradled stunningly between the Pacific and the Indian Ocean, Indonesia is unarguably the largest island country. No doubt, the majestic land with diverse landscapes promises amazing Indonesia holiday that will render you in a state of awe. The enchanting experience involves exploring the pristine beaches, meeting the amicable people, walking through verdant jungles, visiting mysterious volcanoes, etc.

Brace yourself for all this and much more with our Indonesia tour packages. While venturing in the country, you can take a tour of the popular tourist attractions and admire the coral reefs. The irresistible charm of the famous cities full of surprises lures a huge number of tourists from everywhere.

Therefore, a holiday in Indonesia keeps every member of the family on toes. Whether you're on family vacations or on a honeymoon; whether traveling alone or with friends, the country will never fail to amuse you. Go for scuba diving or trekking, plan an excursion to Bali or Jakarta, you will be left spoilt for choice.

A multitude of heritage sites is an important highlight of the all-inclusive Indonesia travel guide. Delight in a time travel as you listen to interesting legends associated with them. Indulge in a number of things to do amidst dramatic landscapes. In addition, there is a tapestry of beauty waiting for you here.

Not only this, there is so much more included in your Indonesia holiday package. Watching the Balinese dancers perform is another highlight that makes you package special. Apart from this, visiting the spectacular temples in the island country will surely make your trip memorable. With so many options to choose from, there is no reason left to delay your Indonesia tour. Choose your favorite packages and get ready to create memories for a lifetime.

About Indonesia

Top Tourist Attractions in Indonesia:

The Indonesian archipelago is an assembly of islands that grasps untold treasures in its diversity of cultures and backdrops. Indonesia offers an adventure for one and all, from exploring temples to hiking active volcanoes. One can also indulge in the bliss of Bali. Here we have jotted down some of the best tourist attractions in Indonesia. Make sure to add these top-rated tourist attractions in Indonesia in your itinerary while planning an Indonesia tour. Let’s discover out what makes Indonesia so exceptional.

Gili Islands – It is an amalgamation of three smaller islands that collectively form the best tourist destination in Indonesia. The island offers a more soothing and tranquil environment. These islands are a major attraction in Lombok, which has gained popularity among backpackers.

Komodo National Park – It is one of the most famous tourist spots in Indonesia. The Park named after its world-famous inhabitants, the Komodo Dragons. The gigantic beasts in the shape of carnivorous lizards roam freely around the park. The Komodo of Indonesia is no mythical creatures, though they are violent and deadly animals. This National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Tourists arrive here by boat and there is an entry fee plus additional costs for transport, guide facilities and other activities

Borobudur Temple – It is the world’s largest Buddhist sanctuary which does not only hold a religious significance but also appreciated its architectural beauty and this makes the temple amongst the best tourist places in Indonesia. The temple echoes the country’s long preserved history. The outstanding edifice to gaze at and picturesque visions that surrounds the monument.

Ubud – The art and culture capital of Bali, Ubud is a spellbinding place to enjoy the attractive surroundings, art galleries, and traditional dances making it one of the best places to see in Indonesia. Surrounded by humid jungles and quiet rivers. If you are searching for exciting places in Indonesia then you must surely not miss out on this place.

Jakarta – Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia. It has influences from Malaysia, China, India, and Europe as well. The lovely unification of these major cultures can be seen in its architecture, food, and culture. It is one of the best holiday destinations to visit in Indonesia.

Bunaken Marine Park – The next in our list is among the most striking places and a famous tourist place in Indonesia. It is rich in marine flora and fauna. The view of several exotic and endangered fish species existing in the crystal clear water has enlarged the visitor destiny of the region.

Tanjung Puting National Park – This national park in Central Kalimantan contains drylands, swamplands, forests, and coastline beach jungle. It is the home to various wildlife including the Orangutan. It’s arguably the best place in Indonesia to learn about wildlife.

Raja Ampat Islands – This Island is absolutely one of the top tourist destinations in Indonesia not only for divers but also for nature lovers and travelers. This paradise is renowned for its marine wildlife, pristine reefs, and corals. The overwhelming backdrop of steep, forestry islands, stunning beaches, swampy lagoons, and marvelous turquoise makes the place a perfect delight for explorers.

Famous Beaches in Indonesia:

The largest peninsula on Earth, Indonesia has an overabundance of incredible sights to see with many of its attractive beaches ranking among the best in the world. Whereas Bali and Lombak appeal the attention of visitors from across the world. Wherever you go, you’ll come across glorious golden sands and scintillating water. Here is the list of best beaches in Indonesia.

Nusa Dua – Don’t forget to head to Nusa Dua. This place is home to dazzling beaches and considered among the best beaches in Indonesia for couples. It is usually known as the ‘upscale’ district of Bali. Most of the honeymooners come to Nusa Dua from across the world, if they are looking for a relaxing beach holiday. You can spend your days swimming, enjoying views across the water and having dinner on the attractive beaches with your loved ones.

Kuta Beach – It is the chief destination for vacationers that come to Bali. Kuta Beach is located in the heart of Bali which is never devoid of visitors. The beach has sparkling white sand and long waves. This is also the best place for surf lovers and you can also enjoy the gorgeous sunset.

Senggigi Beach – This beach is located on the west coast of Lombok Island. Behind the beauty of the sea with its white sand and clear azure sea, it also has a gorgeous underwater scenery that allowing the sightseers to do snorkeling.

Sanur Beach – Located on the east side of Denpasar. With shallow waters and white sand clustered with colorful traditional boats, it makes one of the favorite beaches for tourists who came to Bali. You will be cosseted by the beautiful sunrise sight here. This is also known as the sunrise beach. It is one of the best beaches in Bali, Indonesia and thrived by a large number of tourists.

Dreamland Beach – This is a very comfy and quiet beach. It is among the best beaches in Bali for couples that are located behind the cliff. The atmosphere is suitable for honeymooners who want relaxing and do sunbathe here. This is a hidden beach and a secluded place and best place to spend quality time with your loved one amidst the beautiful surroundings.

Things to do in Indonesia:

Indonesia is too good to put into verses. This vast, diverse and remarkable country is a paradise for the nature lovers. Discover many unseen attractions, cool sights, and indulge in unusual things to do in Indonesia. Check out here some of the top things to do in Indonesia. 

Delight in floating breakfast in your private villa pool: Some of Bali’s the most incredible hotels boast magnificent pools with floating breakfast. It is the best thing to do in Bali. You can luxuriously enjoy your life.

Observe the sunrise over Borobudur Temple: The temple is seated dramatically on a hilltop in lush Yogyakarta. This is the world’s leading Buddhist monument and an architectural masterpiece that was built in the 19th century. It is a remarkable sight from where you can see the beauty of the sunrise.

Practice the Ancient Art of Batik: Batik is an eminent, traditional Indonesian cloth. You can find many Indonesians wear Batik as part of their modern-day attire. You can learn the skill of creating Batik fabric. This is among the best thing to do in Indonesia. 

Watch the Kecak Dance at Uluwatu Temple: Your trip to Bali cannot be completed without experiencing the sunset and the Kecak dance at Uluwatu Temple. The melodramatic dance is performed wholly without music. There’s quite a lovely story to the entire dance so I recommend this for everyone from families to kids the best things to see in Bali.

Watch a concert at Saung Angklung Udjo: It is a cultural center in West Java and dedicated to Sudanese culture. If you’re wandering to Indonesia with families and kids, watching a concert here is a must! This is the best thing to do in Bali at night.

Enjoy a day visit to Ubud - It is situated in the highlands of Bali. It is encircled by the rainforest and rice paddies. It is a place where you will find yoga retreats and day spas where you can rejuvenate yourself. It is the best thing to do in Ubud. The Hindu temples, art, and culture are other attractions of Ubud.

Famous Indian Restaurants in Jakarta:

Food is considered a colossal part of Indonesia, so it makes sense that this country produces tasty food and famous all around the world. Welcome and relish the best Indian cuisine in Jakarta for a wonderful dining experience. Here is the list of best Indian Restaurants in Jakarta:

  • Seasonal tastes – The Westin Jakarta
  • Kalture Progressive Cafe and Resto
  • The Royal Kitchen
  • Queen’s Tandoori
  • D’ Bollywood – Indian Restaurant and Bar
  • Ganesha Ek Sanskriti
  • Fez – Kinara Dining and Lounge
  • Koh- E - Noor
  • Udupi delicious
  • Little Indian Restaurant

Famous Indian Restaurants in Bali:

If you are looking for Indian Restaurants in Bali this is an impeccable place to find out the best ones. You can find here the top authentic Indian Restaurants in Bali. Indonesia has its exclusive cuisine that you can’t miss trying in Bali. Here is the list of best Indian Restaurants in Bali.

  • Spice Mantraa Indian Cuisine
  • Chai’ba street kitchen and bar
  • Warung Little Indian
  • Mumbai Station
  • Punjabi Tadka Bali
  • Bangle Bali Restaurant
  • The Piring Daun
  • Nu Delhi @ Benoa
  • Padi Restaurant
  • Indian Delights

Some Interesting Facts about Indonesia:

  • Indonesia is the prime archipelago in the world with 18,307 islands.
  • Indonesia is a heaven for animal lovers and home to the world’s largest lizard. It is the only country in the world to house dragons, the Komodo dragon. Komodo Island has a kind of lizard that can grow up to 3 meters long.
  • Indonesia has the second elongated coastline in the world (over 54,000km) after Canada.
  • New Guinea, Borneo, and Sumatra are counted amongst the top ten largest Islands in the world.
  • Borobudur Temple in Central Java is the biggest Buddhist Temple in the world which is being decorated with 504 Buddha statues.
  • The most malodourous flower on earth, Amorphophallus Titanium, is found in Indonesia. It can grow an average height of two meters.
  • Indonesia is one of the world’s largest producers of Nutmeg which is native to its Banda Islands.

FAQs of Indonesia Tours

Q: How do I get a visa for Indonesia?

Ans - Tourists visiting Indonesia must obtain an Indonesia visa from one of the Indonesian diplomatic missions unless they come from one of the visa-exempt countries. Indians need not apply for an Indonesia visa before arriving in Indonesia. Indians can apply for an Indonesia visa for Indians upon arrival in Indonesia. Visa on Arrival is given for 30 days stay and can be extended in the Immigration Office for another 30 days stay. Mandatory requirements include a passport with a minimum of 6 months validity and return tickets.

Q: How to plan a honeymoon in Bali?

Ans - Having the most romantic Bali honeymoon with the love of your life that will have you falling in love all over again. This island is a piece of heaven with a beautiful sun, sea, and sand. The Bali honeymoon package will let you bask in the beauty of picturesque rugged coastlines, magnificent mountains, and black sandy beaches. Bali honeymoon itinerary can be customized to suit your needs and expectations.

Q: Can I rent a vehicle in Indonesia?

Ans: Yes, you can rent a vehicle in Indonesia. You need a driver’s license in your country which should be at least 1 to 2 years old. If the license is not printed in English then you must show the International Driving License or permit.

Q: Can I hop on hop off on different hotels within a single stay?

Ans: Yes, you can hop on hop off on different hotels with a single stay but it takes a lot of time in shifting. You may lose at least half a day every time you move.

Q: What adventure sports can I do in Bali?

Ans - Adventure sports in Bali will add a tinge of thrill to your vacation. Adventurous Things to do in Bali range from trekking up an active volcano to propelling yourself into the air in the superhero-style. White water rafting, white water tubing, canyoning, kite surfing, paragliding and cave diving are some of the interesting outdoor activities in Bali.

Q: What currency is used in Indonesia?

Ans - Indonesia Rupiah is the currency in Indonesia. Indonesia currency symbol is Rp and code is IDR. 1 Indian rupee is equal to 196 Indonesian Rupiah and the Indonesian currency to INR conversion is done accordingly. You’ll most often be dealing with the 50,000-rupiah banknotes while traveling in Indonesia. Some ATMs issue 100,000-rupiah banknotes - the largest denomination. This can sometimes be difficult to break outside of chain eateries and big hotels so always go for smaller denominations when possible.