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Kyrgyzstan Tour Packages

Dearly addressed as the “Pearl of Central Asia”, Kyrgyzstan is home to the second-largest alpine lake in the world Issyk Kul. With IHPL’s Kyrgyzstan tour packages from India, you can explore a country surrounded by snow-covered mountains offering many adventure sports to enjoy. Kyrgyzstan is a place where you can relax in the modern equipped resorts and also explore the remains of old settlements that the country intensely preserves.

If you wish to enjoy the rural beauty to its core, you can plan a tour to Kyrgyzstan. It is landlocked by Uzbekistan from the west and southwest, Kazakhstan from the north, Tajikistan from the southwest and China from the east. The country shares several culturally famous routes including the Silk Road that makes Kyrgyzstan a part of great civilizations. This is the reason you can enjoy great cultural diversity while traveling in Kyrgyzstan. When the people are hospitable, the weather is charming, and the panorama is really picturesque; what can debar Kyrgyzstan from being one of the top tourist places in Asia.

With exciting mountainous terrains, Kyrgyzstan is a paradise for hikers, photographers, and nature lovers. Popular tourist places in Kyrgyzstan offers great natural and cultural glamor to enjoy. One of the top attractions in Kyrgyzstan is the Burana Tower that you can explore during sightseeing in Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan. The tower bears the glory of the ancient city Balasagun that was a medium for the Silk Road Caravans. Another famous place to visit during the Bishkek tour is Ala Archa National Park to enjoy some fun activities in Kyrgyzstan.
The best attraction that entices travelers to book Kyrgyzstan travel packages is the Lake Issyk-Kul, the second-largest saline water lake after the Caspian Sea.

Travelers head to the southern shore which is wider than the Northern shore. This area is famous for camping and water sports in Kyrgyzstan. Also, you should include Song Kol and Ala Kul Lakes in your Kyrgyzstan tour itinerary. Though a bit challenging to reach, the beauty of the Song Kol Lake cannot be described in words. This one of the top tourist destinations in Kyrgyzstan to experience staying in yurt camps. Also, places like the green valley Altyn Arashan, sandstone rock valley Jeti-Oguz, Jyrgalan Valley, Tash Rabat, walnut paradise Arslanbob must be included in your Kyrgyzstan travel plan.

Kyrgyzstan also offers great gastronomy treats that you can relish with the best Kyrgyzstan tour packages. Don’t forget to visit Osh regarded as the cultural capital of Kyrgyzstan. Often called the “The Berlin of Central Asia”, Osh offers a blend of Kyrgyz, Uzbek and Tajik cultures. This is the best place to get a taste of traditional food music, and clothes of Kyrgyzstan. Kyrgyz dishes also have Russian influence. Remember to try Beshbarkmak, Ashlam-fu, Chuchvara, and Blini if you are planning a trip to Kyrgyzstan.

The mountain slopes of Kyrgyzstan get decorated with colorful blossoms during the summer. So, the best time to visit Kyrgyzstan is from March to October when charming weather accompanies in trekking and mountain climbing. The fastest and cheapest way to reach Kyrgyzstan from India is by air that will land you at the Manas International Airport in Bishkek. For a comfortable tour of Kyrgyzstan, you can book Kyrgyzstan tour packages from Delhi, Mumbai, and other places in India. You can visit the Indian Holiday site for more Kyrgyzstan travel information including visa requirements, places to visit, tourist attractions, etc.

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