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Biyadhoo Island

The beauty elements of Biyadhoo Island are sandy beaches, turquoise waters, and luxury treatment. Getting all these things in one place is undoubtedly exciting and gives you perfect beachy vibes. Biyadhoo Island is settled amidst the clusters and small coral islands. And the best part about this island is you can enjoy any holiday here, including your family tour, honeymoon tour, and a tour with friends. Moreover, if you are a fan of water sports, this island will not disappoint you.

This island in the Maldives is purely a gem in terms of enjoying fun-filled activities.Scuba Diving and Snorkeling are two major water sports of Biyadhoo Island. By doing these activities, you can discover the beauty of the underwater world and inject some adrenaline rush. However, you must choose the ideal time to enjoy some fun underwater. Apart from it, you can also indulge in activities like sailing and windsurfing.The climate condition is considered before planning your tour here and enjoying underwater activities.

Overview of Biyadhoo Island

Location South Male Atoll
Area 10 acres
How to Reach Speed boat 
Best Time to Visit November to March
Time Required 5-6 hours
Water Sports Surf Ski Paddling,  Stand Up Paddling, Sailing Canoeing


  • You can challenge your inner adventurous souls on this island of Maldives through many watersports. 
  • Get a chance to admire the lush greenery, as the vegetation of this island is a delight for your eyes. 
  • Major tourism factors are walking on the coastlines and treating your senses with natural beauty.  
  • Admire the crystal-clear turquoise water and have fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Enjoy tropical vibes and have an incredible vacation with beachy vibes.

Recommended For 

This island is ideal for those who want to soak in beachy vibes and get the best scuba diving experience. This island is a fantastic holiday hotspot for every type of vacation, as Biyadhoo Island has something for everyone. 

About Biyadhoo Island 

Biyadhoo Island in the Maldives is well-renowned as Scuba Diving Island, as this island has multiple diving sites. It is spread over 10 acres and has a circular shape that gives you more opportunities for thrill and fun. Biyadhoo Island is managed and owned by the Taj Group and Villivaru Islands. The resort and dense forest cover the majority of the region on this island. The soil of this island is befitted for cultivation, and you can find a variety of vegetables and fruits. Hence, you can get natural beauty, scenic views, and extraordinary charm. In addition, you will find the trees of mango, banana, and coconut. Sitting under the shade of these trees while enjoying the cool winds is just something else. The resorts of this island resort use self-grown cabbage, tomatoes, and cucumber. 

FAQs About Biyadhoo Island

Q: How far is Biyadhoo Island from Male?

Ans: Biyadhoo Island is located approximately 28 km from Male. You can take a speedboat to reach this Island from the airport. The transport service is excellent, and it will take around 40 minutes to reach there.

Q: Which is the best time to visit Biyadhoo Island?

Ans: November to April is the ideal time to enjoy your vacation at Biyadhoo Island. However, if you are willing to indulge in scuba diving and snorkeling, March is the best month to enjoy these activities on the island of Maldives.

Q: What is there to do at Biyadhoo Island?

Ans: There are plenty of options for fun-filled activities on this island. You can enjoy snorkeling, scuba diving, windsurfing, surf ski paddling, stand-up paddling, sailing, and canoeing. Moreover, the Biyadhoo Island Resort allows you to indulge in many recreational activities.

Q: How to reach Biyadhoo Island?

Ans: Maldives is far and wide known for snorkeling and is considered one of the safest places in the world for enjoying snorkeling. Moreover, there are also various water sports that you can enjoy here. You do not need to worry, as the guides and safety on these islands give you surety to enjoy a fun-filled trip here.

Q: Why is Biyadhoo Island famous in Maldives?

Ans: This island is far and wide known as a scuba-diving island because of its iconic location for scuba diving. In addition, this island of Maldives is befit for any vacation, whether you are planning a family tour, an adventurous trip, or a honeymoon vacation. It is famous for having the beautiful Biyadhoo Island Resort that lets you indulge in fun activities.