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Skydive in Mauritius

For any adventure lover, skydiving is one of the first things on the bucket list, and what could be a better place to tick it off than the spectacular island nation of Mauritius? A once-in-a-lifetime experience, jumping out into the sky with adrenaline rushing through your system.

It is possible to overcome your fears, which become a driving force to achieve goals and fulfill your dreams, without losing hope or doubting one's potential.

All the skydiving operations are fully authorized by the Department of Civil Aviation and the Ministry of Tourism of Mauritius, so you know it is very safe. The instructors are entirely professional, acutely skilled, qualified for tandem skydiving, and fluent in English and French as a means of communication.

Overview of Skydive in Mauritius

Operating Days

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday
Duration 1 hour (approx.)
Activity Time Flexible
Minimum Age Requirement for SkyDiving 18 years and above


  • Views of Mauritius's stunning lagoons and reefs stretching far into the Indian Ocean
  • A lifetime chance to fly over the top of one of the most spectacular island paradises in the world
  • A complete 360º bird's eye view of Mauritius's awesome coastal, inland, and mountain scenery.
  • See the beautiful surroundings on your way down until the safe landing.

Recommended for

Travelers who want to try something new can try skydiving in Mauritius. The only condition is that the traveler should be capable of performing the dive in good physical and mental health and must not suffer from any chronic ailment or be under the influence of medication or drugs.

About Skydive in Mauritius 

Skydiving is one of the activities that every adventure seeker wants to undertake while traveling to various skydiving locations. You can discuss skydiving in Mauritius as you will be skydiving on the stunning island nation of Mauritius. In this location, you will be able to experience skydiving once in a lifetime as you leap into the air to take in the breathtaking vistas of Mauritius.

If you fear skydiving, you can get over it by experiencing some adventure and excitement. You should visit Mauritius's skydiving locations to have this experience before finding out how much skydiving costs there.

Best Skydiving Tours In Mauritius

North Tour

One of the best skydiving tours available in Mauritius is this one. Among the many places you'll fly over are Port Louis, the central market, Pamplemousses, and Cap Malheureux. You will be mesmerized by the picturesque beauty of these locations against the background of the stunning waves. North Tour also provides various services for newcomers to benefit from their experience skydiving in Mauritius.

South East Tour

Fly over the famous Gris Gris beach, colonial homes, and Reserve des Mascareigne. The leap takes place at 10,000 feet, and you will descend at 120 km/h speed before the canopy opens and you glide down. The magnificent turquoise lagoons and reefs are a delight; seeing them from above is the stuff of beautiful fantasies. The Mon Loisir sugar fields are where the takeoff is conducted.

Hopefully, you have become familiar with all the crucial things while exploring skydiving in Mauritius. So, whenever you plan to visit Mauritius, you should know where to go for a thrilling and unforgettable skydiving experience.


Q:Is there a weight limit for skydiving in Mauritius?

Ans: Yes, the minimum weight limit for Skydiving in Mauritius is 40 kg, and the maximum limit is 95 to 100 kg. Also, it would be best if you were above 18 years to skydive in Mauritius.

Q: What should I wear for skydiving in Mauritius?

Ans: You can wear comfortable pants and T-shirts for skydiving. Most of the operators provide you with jumpsuits and goggles at the airfield. Wearing close-toed shoes that can be laced or strapped tightly is a must. If you wear power glasses or contact lenses, it is okay to wear them during the dive as the goggles they provide will put power glasses and contact lenses firmly in place without causing any damage. Long hairs need to be braided or stuck firm in a bun.

Q: What is the best time to visit Mauritius for skydiving?

Ans: December is the ideal time for skydiving in Mauritius as the climate is pleasant, with the day temperatures hovering around 29°C. The skies are blue with white clouds, so you can enjoy unhindered views while skydiving.

Q: Is insurance required when going skydiving in Mauritius?

Ans: The company already covers insurance for the participants through third-party legal liability insurance. Participants do not need to take any extra precautions by themselves.

Q: Does wearing spectacles or contact lenses make me ineligible?

Ans: No, it is beautiful for people wearing spectacles or contact lenses, as the operator provides special goggles that cover them comfortably.