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Mauritius Visa

Mauritius is one of the most appealing holiday destinations that receive heavy footfalls from tourists throughout the year. This heavenly beautiful location is ideal for any vacation, whether you are looking for a family tour, a trip with friends, a romantic break, or a solo trip. However, a visa is the first thing that would strike your mind while planning your vacation in any other country. A Mauritius Tourist Visa allows you to explore this beautiful country for tourism purposes in a hassle-free mode. And knowing all the essential requirements and process step by step to get your Mauritius visa will reduce your hassle on your trip. For most countries, this country offers an arrival visa, and you do not need to worry about obtaining a visa as you can also get it after arriving in this country. 

If you still need clarification about where to get complete information, you got to the right place as we provide complete details, document requirements, a step-by-step process, and some FAQs. Keep scrolling, and let this visa guide for Mauritius help you by giving complete information about this segment of the holiday. 

How to Apply for a Mauritius Tourist Visa?

You can apply by visiting the official website of Mauritius Immigration. Here you will find an option to apply for the visa. Moreover, it is the fastest and most convenient way to get a visa for this country. However, this is only available in certain countries. Apart from that, you can contact the Mauritian embassy to get the Tourist Visa for Mauritius for applying.

How to Get a Mauritius Tourist Visa From India?

If you are coming from India, you do not have to go through a complicated process for visa application. This is a simple, fast, and straight process to get a visa for Mauritius. You need to keep all the mandatory documents while traveling towards this country. Once you reach the Airport, you will have to show your documents at the immigration office. After cross-checking, you will quickly secure your Tourist Visa. 

Documents Required For Mauritius Tourist Visa

Having information about the process is just half the process of getting a visa. The second part is to have all the required documents for the final result. You must have certain documents to apply and get the Visa for Mauritius. Here is the required documents you must provide for your visa process.

  • Recent passport-sized photographs and it should be clear.
  • A well-completed visa application form without any mistakes in details.
  • You must have proof of accommodation in Mauritius
  • The bank statement is proof of sufficient funds to cover your stay on the Mauritius tour.
  • The medical certificate from M.B.B.S (optional)

Mauritius Tourist Visa Cost

The cost of a Mauritius Tourist Visa depends on your country, and for Indian Citizens, it is free of cost. Most countries are coming under eligibility to obtain a visa on arrival, and India is one of them. Citizens of countries like the United States, Russia, and China must pay USD 50 as Mauritius Visa Cost. The validity of a Mauritius visa is 60 days from the date of arrival, and you can extend it by paying a fee of USD 20.

FAQs About Mauritius Visa

Q: Do Indians Need a Visa to Visit Mauritius?

Ans:  Indian Citizens need a visa to enter Mauritius, and they can also obtain it on arrival.

Q: Is Visa on Arrival/e-Visa Available in Mauritius for Indians?

Ans: If you are an Indian Citizen, you have only one option, and that is a visa on arrival. So there is no need to fret about the visa process. However, you must have all the mandatory requirements to obtain your permit. You must get your Visa form at the immigration desk after reaching the airport.

Q: How long can an Indian passport holder stay in Mauritius with a visa-on-arrival?

Ans:  Indian Citizens are allowed to stay for a maximum of 60 days in Mauritius, and they can also apply to extend the days by using a form and paying some cost.