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Russia Tour Packages

With Russia tour packages, you can travel to a country that remains largest in the world even after the reckless social and political chaos breaking it into parts. A really interesting place to visit Russia’s soaring vigor could still be observed throughout its diverse land. With only 23% of its land settled in Europe, Russia covers 40% of the land in the continent. So think, how big is Russia and as big is its tourist magnetism that allure travelers for a trip to Russia. Traveling entire Russia that spans over all climate zones means traveling the half-way of your planet.

It is obvious that such a big country like Russia will own all kinds of natural resources and it is true to all aspects. High-rising mountains, massive deserts, natural geysers, and extensive coastline; there is everything for a great vacation in Russia. Alike the long territorial area, Russia has a long history that dates back to 800 AD when the Slavic people started living in Ukraine.  This results in rich heritage sites with stunning art and architecture in the country. There are 28 World Heritage Sites in Russia of which eleven are natural and seventeen are cultural heritages that you can explore with the best Russia holiday packages.

There are endless tourist attractions in Russia that in no way be covered in a single trip.

Only the capital city has so many attractions that sightseeing in Moscow and St. Petersburg alone can keep you engaged for a few days. Then comes the serene mountains of Ural in the west, glittering beaches in the southwest, and so on. Moreover, a blend of European and Asian manifestations creates a unique Russian art & culture to be experienced during your Russia trip from India.

One lifetime is not enough to fully explore the vast diversity of Russia. Globally renowned art & architecture, natural wonders, history & heritage; there is so much to enjoy and explore in Russia. Indian Holiday offers some well-crafted Russia tour packages that allow you to explore the best highlights of Russia in a nutshell. With our customized Russia packages, you can save your Russia trip cost while enjoying the best attractions in the country.

The best tourist sites in Russia that you can visit with your Russia tour packages from India include museums and palaces in Moscow and St. Petersburg; Lake Baikal in Siberia, a UNESCO world heritage site; world's largest geyser fields at Kronotsky; Golden Mountains of Altai; Trans-Siberian Railway; etc. The Altai Mountain and the Baikal Lake that freezes during the winter allow you to enjoy a great adventure in Russia.

There is a museum in almost every city in Russia that you can visit with Russian travel packages. Witness great Russian Art collection at the St. Petersburg Hermitage Museum and the Moscow Museum. Also, admire the royal art at Catherine Palace at St. Petersburg which was once the summer residence of the Russian tsars. One of the top things to do in Russia is to experience the world-famous Ballet Dance show. You can visit the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow or Mariinsky Theatre in St. Petersburg to enjoy a Ballet performance.

Cruising on the Volga River offers a great opportunity to explore the Russian countryside and its grand cities. This is a much-admired activity to do with a Russia honeymoon package. Also, try the great Russian cuisine that includes Pelmeni(small pancakes), shashyk (Russian kebab), shchi (Russian soup), etc.

The best time to visit Russia is from June to August when you can enjoy sightseeing in Russia in long summer days. A direct flight from Delhi to Moscow will land you in the capital city in 6 hours from where you can travel all over the country by road, air, and rail.

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