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Red Square, Moscow

The Red Square in Moscow connects history, political and religious elements and is considered one of the best places to visit in Russia. This eminent site of Moscow is UNESCO-listed World Heritage and attracts thousands of tourists every day. You can easily explore this landmark of Moscow without any fee and queue. However, you will need a ticket and planning to visit the attractions of Red Square. The list of attractions on this site that you can see here is extremely captivating, including Lenin's mausoleum, St Basil's Cathedral, the Kremlin Walls, GUM, and State Historical Museum. You must visit this place as it is the place that is known as the center of Russian life.

There is no second thought that the emblematic architecture of Red Square will leave you speechless. The original red-brick buildings that were built in medieval times have a history of 1000 years. But still, the charm of architecture is maintained and reflected through each site. Identically, the Soviets used the Red Square as their stage to show off to the world. But still, celebrations like Parade and New Year's Eve take place here to entice visitors. All in All, you can experience the history, beauty, and celebration at this one of the best tourist places in Russia.

Overview of Red Square

Location Moscow, Russia, 109012
Address Red Square, Moscow, Russia, 109012
Area Covered 800,000 square feet
Timing Any Time
Ticket Price of Red Square Free
Known as Trinity Square
Built in 1740


  • Red Square of Moscow is a UNESCO World Heritage site that has historical attractions.
  • Red Square serves as a place for official ceremonies and parades.
  • You can stroll in the Red Square freely and click beautiful pictures.
  • The architectural beauty of its attraction will give you wow -factors.
  • You can experience Russian culture and history by visiting the museum of Red Square.

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This iconic landmark of Moscow offers one of a kind experience that everyone must add throughout their Russia trip. 

About Red Square, Moscow 

Red Square is one of the oldest and famous squares in Russia that has a great historical significance.

It has an almost rectangular shape that is 70 meters wide and 330 meters long. Moreover, Red Square is meant to serve as Moscow's main marketplace. You can find many numerous attractions, museums, markets, and enticing buildings. The Kremlin, Lenin’s Mausoleum, St Basil’s Cathedral, GUM, and State Historical Museum are some of its must-visit attractions. Throughout a visit, you can witness the beauty of the architecture and feel the magical atmosphere that makes it a fascinating place. Notably, this square combines different kinds of attractions that make your visit worthwhile in every sense. You can explore the attractions by planning and some needed tickets. Besides that, you can also have soviet ice cream in a GUM store and explore a nearby park.  

The Kremlin

Settled in the heart of Moscow and one of the most emblematic sights in Red Square, Kremlin is a must-visit place. This historical citadel and its medieval walls reflect the majestic beauty of the bygone era. You can visit some famous buildings such as the Grand Kremlin Palace and the State Kremlin Palace. And it is also dotted with homes to a huge number of museums, historic buildings, and churches that you should not miss at any cost. By visiting this beautiful tourist attraction of Moscow, you can make your sightseeing in Russia more appealing. 

Saint Basil's Cathedral

This mid-16 century attraction is a symbol of Moscow and one of the famous tourist attractions in Russia. You will be amazed by looking at its brightly colored, beautifully carved architecture that seems like a part of fairytales. The lovely illumination after dark makes this precious treasure more fascinating. However, you can visit during the day to admire its beauty, and it never disappoints yourself. Because of its unique design that can easily grab your attention and keep your eyes busy in admiring the view. 

Lenin’s Mausoleum

This is a small and unique monument that is part of Red Square and has an eerie vibe. It is located in the middle of the Red Square and you can easily cover it with other attractions of this site. This mausoleum is built under the shadow of Kremlin Walls and has a dark vibe. It is better to plan your visit according to the day and visit one hour early before the visit. Keeping this in mind that photography, hats, and glasses are not allowed in the mausoleum. 

State Historical Museum

This museum is one of the prominent buildings on the Red Square that display Russian history beautifully. The majestic hall of this museum has many paintings that give you insight into the historical time. Moreover, a visit to this museum is equal to taking a journey of Russian history. This museum has various kinds of archeological artifacts and documents. From the Stone Age to the 20th century, you will get a glimpse of development throughout your visit. If you are willing to know the fascinating past of this country, it is a must-visit for you.

Interesting Facts about Red Square, Moscow

  • Kremlin walls used to be painted white to protect the brickwork, and it stopped in the 19th century.
  • During the Special time, The Red Square was considered a sacred place.
  • Some of the landmarks on Red Square are reconstructed.
  • It was meant to be the main Russian marketplace in Moscow.
  • The Red color has nothing to do with Red Square.
  • The length of Red Square is equal to the three football fields.
  • In 1990, Red Square was added to the list of World Heritage sites by UNESCO.