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Rajmandir Cinema Jaipur

Popularly referred to as the "Pink City", Jaipur is reflective of the culture and heritage that Rajasthan stands for. Jaipur is more popular among the tourists because of its gorgeous palaces and other magnificent structures but that does not mean that the other forms of tourist attractions pale into insignificance in comparison. In fact Jaipur has also not been able to escape the glitz and glamour of the silver screen and there are a number of cinema halls in Jaipur. In fact watching movies are one of the chief forms of entertainment in Jaipur. Among all the cinema halls in the city, Rajmandir Cinema, Jaipur, warrants a special mention.

Rajmandir Cinema, Jaipur became functional on 1st June, 1976. The first film to be screened here was the Bollywood flick "Charas". The design of Rajmandir Cinema in Jaipur is credited to the well-known architect W. M Namjoshi who planned to build the theater is an Art Moderne style. The exterior of Rajmandir Cinema, Jaipur is very impressive with a lot of asymmetrical shapes captivating attention to the façade that is graced with unusual patterns like zig zags and curves. The stars engrafted into the façade are illuminated at night with the help of concealed lighting. The name of the cinema hall is embossed in large neon letters at the top of the building. The words 'The Showplace of the Nation - Experience the Excellence' are a pointer to the immense significance of Jaipur's Rajmandir Cinema among the tourist attractions in Jaipur.

Rajmandir Cinema, Jaipur has a lobby whose dome shaped ceiling in graced with chandeliers. The patrons reach the balcony area by walking a ramp-like structure. The auditorium is impressively and lavishly decorated. The charming ambience of the place is intensified by indirect lighting that changes colors. A frond fern leaf-like plaster trough conceals these lights and the trough has openings all over the ceilings and walls.

Rajmandir Cinema, Jaipur has a single screen and is well-equipped to screen 70 mm films. The theater can accommodate as many as 1237 viewers. Reckoned as one of the best cinema halls India, Rajmandir Cinema, Jaipur also features among the popular tourist attractions in Jaipur. It is equivalent to the Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, California.     

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