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Arts and Crafts in Jammu

Jammu is renowned for its scenic elegance. It is poised with unique handworks reflecting Jammu's lifestyle, culture, and heritage. From woolen textiles to hand-woven carpets, these handworks fetch a great value in foreign countries.

In India, these are held in high esteem, and the prices charged for them are also very high. Wooden works, Silverware, and Papier-mache are some of Jammu's exquisite arts and crafts. Shawls of Jammu, one of the best craft items known as Pashmina shawl, are generally fleecy and obtained from Kel goats. The handloom artisans in Jammu who fetch this wool are womenfolk, another asset of India with their beautiful looks and splendid ornaments that they wear.

Pashmina Shawl in Arts and Crafts in Jammu

A unique technique prepares the fabric; the thread used for this purpose is twisted and wafted (fanned in the air for drying) before being dyed. Henceforth weaving is done, resulting in the beautiful Pashmina Shawl. With even designs on either side, the range of these Pashmina shawls is generally very high. For example, carpets known as Gabba consist of floral designs in their upper exposed part, while the base consists of Hessian Cloth, and coarse wool is also famous worldwide.

Kasida Arts and Crafts in Jammu

Floral motifs imprinted on the top are indicative of the talent involved. The embroidery of Kashmir deserves special mention. It is known as Kasida, which consists of drawing from memory. The intricate floral designs are apt and gorgeous, indicating the brilliance of the minds of the people who conceived them.

Other Items of Arts and Crafts in Jammu

Khatam-Band is a special kind of ceiling wholly made of wood in a geometric shape. The houseboat builders have reserved this age-old tradition of Kashmir, and now the affluent ones can only afford them. Rings consisting of colored mica and bangles of various shapes and forms are available here.

Stamp boxes, picture frames, and other brass and metal items are also available. All these indicate the high quality of the handiwork that distinguishes Kashmir, seeing that the great Mughal emperor Jahangir could not suppress his feelings and exclaimed that if there was any heaven, it was nowhere other than in Kashmir.


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