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Culture of Jammu

 Culture plays an important role in understanding the local inhabitants of Jammu. Their festivals and lifestyle tell you a lot about them. During your visit to Jammu you will meet residents belonging to various tribes, religion and castes. These people's lifestyle has been influenced by the mountainous terrain of the Himalayas. IndianHoliday.com brings you the details:

Jammu is home to people belonging to various sections of society. Hindu Brahmin priests enable Indian and foreign pilgrims to worship at the various temples in Jammu. The Amarnath Cave and Vaishnodevi are two popular temples here. Other religious sections of society living in Jammu are Sikhs, Buddhists and Muslims. Dogras, Chibalis, Sudans, Kishtwari, Khatris, Mahajans and Paharis are some of the ethnic tribes in Jammu. Some of the major tribes are given below:

Dogras- belong to the Aryan tribe who came to India in ancient times. They later branched out into higher castes of Brahmins and Rajputs, as well as, merchant classes of Mahajans and others. Some embraced Sikhism and Islam when these religions influenced this region of India. They speak Dogri, which is one of the India's national languages. Like Punjabis, Dogras are known to be brave people. The Dogra Regiment in the Indian Army is proof of this fact. Heren and Kud are Dogra styles of theatre and dance that are performed during festivals in Jammu.

Gujjars - Muslim Gujjars form a major section of Jammu inhabitants. They are basically from Gujarat and Rajasthan and speak Gujari. They are unlike hilly people; they are tall and have handsome features. Their lifestyle is semi-nomadic to nomadic. Herding sheep and mountain cattle is their primary occupation.

Chibali - Chibalis are a small race in Jammu. They are usually followers of Islam. Though, some are also Buddhists. They speak the language, Dogri, and are of Punjabi descent.

Sudhan - Another Muslim section of Jammu, the Sudhans, speak both Kashmiri and Dogri languages.

Lifestyle and Festivals in Jammu

People in Jammu lead a rather basic lifestyle. Their home interiors, garments and everyday food are extremely simple. They are religious, warm and friendly. You will find them affectionate and helpful. Festivals are celebrated with fancy dresses and merriment, unlike their usual lifestyle. Some of the major festivals celebrated in Jammu are:

  • Lohri
  • Baisakhi
  • Shivratri