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Bazaars in Jamnagar

Jamnagar in Gujarat is one of the major travel destinations in India not only because of the various places of interest which one gets to see here but also because of the Bazaars that the city has to offer.

Being rich in its history and traditions, the city of Jamnagar has a great deal to offer when it comes to art and craft. The residents of Jamnagar over the years have inculcated these various forms of art which has ultimately become their livelihood. In order to maneuver these skills the items thus made began to be sold to the public in open shops and market places, which was welcomed by the tourists. Thus in this way, Bazaars in Jamnagar, India have come into existence.

The 'Bandhani' works of Jamnagar have become famous all over the world for their graceful decoration in almost all sorts of cloth materials. Meaning tie-and-dye in Hindi, Bandhani over the years, has adorned people especially females of all ages.

Other than clothing, Bazaars in Jamnagar sell a wide range of other articles that are mostly manufactured. manufactured articles like bangles ornamented in brass, beetle nut crackers, paperweights made from agate, Kumkum, Kajal, Surma, and brass covered wooden chests are some of the popular items which can be found while Bazaars in Jamnagar.

All the articles mentioned above are available at Khadi Bhandars which are located around Hotel President. Besides the modern items can be purchased from various shops which are scattered throughout the city.

The two of the famous Bazaars in Jamnagar which are worth mentioning are Lindi Bazaar and Chandi Bazaar. The lanes leading to both these Jamnagar Bazaars are worth exploring as they tell you a tale about the social importance of market places, which are not only institutions facilitating exchange of commodities and services but intermingling of cultures as well.

All in all, Bazaars in Jamnagar offer you delightful experience. The commotion in the narrow lanes, the hustle and bustle in the shops, the yelling of hawkers with the intension to attract the attention of the passers by towards their wares reveal the essence of a typical Indian Market Place.

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