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What to Buy in Jamnagar

Usually while visiting a place; it is worthwhile to buy something which you would not otherwise get in any other place. This gives rise to the valid question, 'What to Buy in Jamnagar?' This page is dedicated towards answering this pertinent question.

Seen as one of the major travel destinations in India, Jamnagar is rich in its history and traditions. Owing to these historical and traditional linkages, when it comes to art and craft, Jamnagar has to offer a great deal.

The entire district of Jamnagar in Gujarat is famous for popularizing a number of forms in art and craft which have been given materialistic shape by articles which are not found at all, or less popular in other parts of India.

Over the years, the residents in this part of the world have inculcated these various forms of art which has ultimately become their source of livelihood. With time, articles these items began to be put up for sale. Thus it made all these items of Jamnagar popular all over the world.

The most popularity of Jamnagar owes to the 'Bandhani' form of art which is found mainly in cloth materials. Meaning Bandhani tie-and-dye in Hindi, Bandhani is the prime source of revenue for the handicraft industry in Jamnagar.

The other things that can be bought from Jamnagar include manufactured articles like bangles ornamented in brass, beetle-nut crackers, paperweights made from agate, Kumkum, Kajal, Surma, and brass covered wooden chests. Other items that one can buy from Jamnagar include a range of articles like flowers, cakes, gifts, chocolates, and dry fruits.

What to Buy in Jamnagar will not be a problem at all once you think of Shopping in Jamnagar. As you enter any of the Market Places in Jamnagar, you will be driven by utmost astonishment to hear and witness commotion all around you which is a characteristic feature of a Bazaar in India.

Jamnagar is historically known as Nawanagar, which in Hindi means 'the new city'. Previously, Jamnagar was one among the princely states of Saurashtra. The city is located 92 kilometers from Rajkot and 310 kilometers away from Ahmedabad via Rajkot.

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