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How to Reach Jaunpur

The picturesque Jaunpur is a city as well as a municipal board in Jaunpur district in Uttar Pradesh. Jaunpur district is situated to the northwest of the beautiful district of Varanasi. Jaunpur has a noteworthy history that dates back to 1388 during which period of time the Sultan of Delhi, Feroz Shah Tughlaq had appointed a eunuch named Malik Sarwar as the governor of the region.

There are quite a few eye catching tourist attraction spots in Jaunpur that are definitely worth a visit. The famous places include Temple of Sheetla Devi, Temple of Lord Shiva in Trilochan Mahadeva at Trilochan, Temple of Mihar Devi, Oldest established intermediate college named Byalasi Inter College, Jalapur, Shahi Fort, Sadar Imambara, Panje Shareef, Kadam Rasool and many more.

Some of the interesting and famous food items include Imartees (a kind of sweet), Two feet long Radish, Atom Bomb (a sweet, the name has been derived from its huge size) and the list goes on and on. So tourists should go and visit these beautiful places and enjoy the excellent food at the same time.

While planning for a tour to Jaunpur people need not worry about How to Reach Jaunpur as the city is well connected by road, rail and air.

By Air

The nearest airport to Jaunpur is the Babatpur Airport in Varanasi which is at a distance of 38 Kms. After reaching Varanasi visitors could take a train or a bus to reach Jaunpur.

By Rail

The following trains go to Jaunpur

  • 3283/3284 Ganga Yamuna Exp (Delhi-Varanasi / Danapur)
  • 4649/4650 Saryu Yamuna Exp (Delhi-Varanasi)
  • 2427/2428 Varanasi Lucknow Varuna Exp.
  • 3483/3484 Farakka Exp.
  • 2401/2402 Shramjeevi Express

By Road

Jaunpur is very much accessible by road. Jaunpur can be reached in 2 hrs from Varanasi either by bus or by train. Jaunpur is at a distance of:

  • 58 Kms from Varanasi
  • 110 Kms from Allahabad
  • 142 Kms from Ayodhya
  • 228 Kms from Lucknow
  • 166 Kms from Gorakhpur

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