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Tour to Behrampur

Berhampur also known as the "Silk City" is situated in the eastern coastline of the country of India and is one of the biggest and oldest cities of Orissa. It is well known for its Silk, Temples, and its vibrant culture. The name is in actuality the distortion of the Sanskrit name Brahmapur. Tour to Behrampur, Orissa is a worthy experience because of the diversity of the place.

Tour to Behrampur, Orissa acquaints you with a place that is well known for its superbly designed silk sarees, handloom clothes and the jewelry shops. The people are laidback and highly hospitable. It is also a city that is regarded as cine goer's paradise. There are huge theatre complexes like like Gautam, Shiva, Rukmini, Payal and Paramjyoti. Hindi movies draw the highest amount of crowd followed by the Oriya movies. The English and Telegu movies are also shown regularly.

Behrampur is home to several Temples, which must be included in youtr sightseeing trips during Tour to Behrampur, Orissa. There is Sree Abhiramparamahansa Temple, Maushimaa Temple, Upper Bagh Devi Temple, Bada Jaganath Temple Neelakantheswar Temple, Uttareswar Temple, Tara Tarini Temple, Lord Venkateshwar Temple, Bada Jagannath Temple, Venkatramana Temple, Kalki Bhagwan Temple and Sri Pataleshwar Temple among many others. The Maushima Temple is an ancient shrine in the Ganjam District. The presiding deity of the temple is that of Mother's Sister of Lord Jagannath. The Upper Bagh Devi Temple is situated nearby at Kulada. The deity of the temple is Goddess Bagh Devi and the hilltop temple can be accessed by 210 steps. Ratneshwar Temple is situated in the near vicinity and is also a place that needs to be visited while on Behrampur Tour.

While on a Tour to Behrampur, Orissa, you must know that having a lot of fast food is something very familiar in Berhampore. Some of the best restaurants are the Fun & Food Village, Hotel Moti, Mayurya Hotel, Merrydine, Hotel city palace, Jyoti Residency and Hotel Nandan. There are also a number of Dhabas which are located along National highway 5. One of the important phenomena here is that the people are keen on having their breakfasts outside their homes and hence a lot of eateries crowd the place which caters some of the lip smacking dishes. "Chicken Pakoras" of Girija Restaurant is the main attraction in this city. One can also try the Chicken Korma and Caramel Pudding in this restaurant.

Behrampur is well connected from all parts of Orissa, and has some of the best accommodation options to take care of your necessities; hence, Tour to Behrampur in Orissa is something which has to be availed at all costs.

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