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Tour to Rayagada

Rayagada previously a town in the Koraput district is now a new district and has the headquarters on way to Koraput from Berhampore. It is one of the important places to visit while on Excursions from Jeypore in Orissa. A Tour to Rayagada, Orissa offers perfect opportunities to visit nearby places of interest like Devagiri, Hatipathar, Padampur and Minajhola.

Tour to Rayagada, Orissa is a worthy experience because you get a chance to visit Hatipathar , a place of rare scenic beauty that has two waterfalls on course of river Nagavali. The ideal time to visit this place is during winters. The river Nagavali flows here within a deep cut valley forming beautiful waterfalls and leaving huge boulders which appear as huge elephants. The scenic beauty of the place gives you an opportunity to set aside all the stress and anxiety of life. Your eyes can feast on the cascading waterfalls and your soul will get a lot of fresh air to breath during Tours to Rayagada India.

While on a Tour to Rayagada, Orissa you must visit Padampur where there is the shrine of Manikeshwar Shiva, and is situated at a distance of 94 kms from Rayagada.

Mini Jhola - one of the beautiful locales is situated at the confluence of three rivers. It is at the heart of a dense forest that is rich in wildlife. The place is known as a Shaiva centre, and Shivaratri is the most popular festival here. Located at a distance of 134 kms from Rayagada this is a place that should be in the main list while arranging a Tour to Rayagada, Orissa.

Devagiri located at a distance of 48 kms from Kalyasinghpur is a hill that has an altitude of 120.2 meters. The top of the hill is a rectangular plane and is unique because in most of the hills the top is narrow. There is also the seven natural steps of which the fourth stands for Mahalaxmi the goddess of beauty and wealth. There are perennial pools of water called Saraswati, Yamuna, Ganga, Bhargavi and Indrayamuna at the top. There is also a cave where there is a Siva Lingam enshrined.

Tour to Rayagada in Orissa is incomplete without visiting the mesmerizing Waterfall of Duduma. It is one of the highest waterfalls and located at a distance of 88 kms from Koraput. Other important places to visit on Rayagada Tour include Nandapur, Suai, Sunabeda, Deomalai Hill, Kolab, Maliguda, Raisil and Jaypore. They are near to Rayagada.

Rayagada is easily accessible by Rail, road and Air. The tourists can seek accommodation at Hotel Swagat, Hotel Ashok, Hotel Jyoti Mahal and Hotel Kapilas while on a Rayagada Tour.

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