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Shopping In Jeypore

Orissa is a treasure trove of handicrafts. An exquisite range of local woven fabric, stone carvings, semi precious stone jewelry and a lot more is on display at the handicrafts stores in Orissa. The artisans in Orissa are worth their weight in gold and it is their creation that makes Shopping in Jeypore Orissa such a delightful experience.

The Gupteshwar Shopping Complex is the main shopping venue. While out Shopping in Jeypore In India, you must visit this complex which is a rather new addition to the town of Jeypore. Shopping in Jeypore In Orissa can be an exciting affair if you know just what to buy and what not to; how much to spend on what, etc.

therefore important that before you embark on Shopping in Jeypore in Orissa in India, you must chalk out a budget and try to stick to that; have a fair idea of the prices of objects and of the best places to buy things. It would be wise if you asked the staff of the hotel you put up at, about the local prices and all. Since much of them would be locals, they would be able to give you a fair idea.

Also, while Shopping in Jeypore, you might need to do a little bargaining as anywhere else in India. You can shop for sambalpuri fabric- silks and cotton, Cuttacki sarees, Pipli, stone carvings, jade show pieces, amethysts, crystals, etc.


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