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Bazaars In Jeypore

The rustic beauty of Jeypore that lies in its rivers, lakes, hills, forests and waterfalls, is enhanced manifold by the tribal population that reside in the outskirts of Jeypore. These simple hearted people lead a minimalistic life and until Jeypore was developed into a major trade centre of the Koraput District, the Bazaars in Jeypore resembled any rustic tribal bazaar.

There was a time when the Bazaars in Jeypore in India meant a weekly market day where villagers (mostly farmers) arrived with their spoils of the week. Vegetables, crops, chicken, cattle, egg, meat, objects of daily requirement were sold or exchanged at these bazaars. That is however, a pretty old story now. The Bazaars in Jeypore In Orissa India is now signified by the Gupteswar Shopping Complex and glitzy shops. The Bazaars in Jeypore are now bustling with modern shops, cars and people.

While Shopping in Jeypore, you must check out the Bazaars in Jeypore in Orissa for handicrafts and other items. The Bazaars In Jeypore Orissa are brimming with handicraft goods. In addition to the handicrafts items common to any other places in Orissa, the Bazaars in Jeypore have a lovely display of items crafted by the local tribal people.

The Bazaars in Jeypore are also interesting places to hangout since the local tribal items on display are particular to the region and you are not likely to come across those items elsewhere. However, with the changing face of the economy, the Bazaars in Jeypore are also undergoing rapid inevitable makeover. You can now see modern gadgets and stationery at the shops in Jeypore and wonder how many more decades willit take for the claws of ruthless urbanization to eliminate the rustic tribal simplicity from the oldest of the settlers of the place.

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