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Jhansi Tourism | How to Plan a Trip to Jhansi

  • Fort in Jhansi Uttar Pradesh
Jhansi At a Glance
  • Average Climate:5°C - 29°C
  • Best Time to Visit:October - March
  • STD Code:05174

Jhansi Travel Guide

The gateway to Bundelkhand, Jhansi is a historic city situated between the rivers Pahunj and Betwa. A city that symbolizes bravery, courage and self-respect, Jhansi is one of the major tourist destinations in Uttar Pradesh, and a must visit place.

Jhansi's historic significance and popularity owes largely to its link with the heroics of Rani Laxmi Bai, the courageous queen who fought valiantly against the British in the Revolt of 1857. A Tour to Jhansi will acquaint you with the rich and eventful history of the land that is believed to have been part of the regions of Chedi Rashtra, Jejak Bhukit, Jajhoti and Bundelkhand in ancient times.

Jhansi was a stronghold of the ancient Chandela kings. The place used to be known as Balwant Nagar in those times. But Jhansi lost its importance in the 11th century, only to rise to prominence again in the 17th century under Raja Bir Singh Deo of Orchha. In 1613, Raja Bir Singh Deo constructed the Jhansi Fort atop a rocky hill. The original walled city grew up around the Jhansi Fort.

While on a Tour to Jhansi, you must visit the Jhansi Fort, which houses an amazing collection of sculptures that provide an excellent insight into the rich history of Bundelkhand. Built on a rocky hill called Bangra, the fort of Jhansi enjoyed strategic importance since its inception. The fort has ten gates and is the foremost among the tourist attractions in Jhansi.

Other prominent places worth a visit on the Tour to Jhansi include Rani Mahal - the grand palace of Rani Laxmi Bai, the U.P. Government Museum, Maha Lakshmi Temple, Maharaja Gangadhar Rao ki Chathri, and others. Among other attractions of the city are Ganesh Mandir, Kaliji Temple, Murli Manohar Temple, Panchkuniya Temple, Jeevan Shah Ka Mazar, St. Jude's Shrine, Gurudwara at Talliya Mohalla and Karguan Jain Pilgrimage.

Embark on excursions to nearby fascinating destinations like Orchha, Shivpuri, Deogarh and Khajuraho while on a Tour to Jhansi. The Jhansi Festival celebrated annually in February/March is another major draw for tourists.

A large number of hotels and guesthouses have sprung up in Jhansi to cater to the accommodation needs of the hoards of tourists who embark on Jhansi tours to visit one of the most important historical cities in India.


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