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Jorhat Tourism | How to Plan a Trip to Jorhat

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Jorhat At a Glance
  • Average Climate:12°C to 30°C
  • Best Time to Visit:October to April
  • Ideal Durations:1 to 2 day
  • STD Code:

Jorhat Tourism | Jorhat Travel Guide

Jorhat is one of the fascinating towns and the cultural capital of Assam. Lush greenery lovers would never find a dull moment in Jorhat because there are stretches of tea plantations in Jorhat. This quickest developing cosmopolitan town of Assam has wildlife sanctuaries, pristine waterfalls, picnic parks, and ancient temples. Jorhat tourism will give you endless opportunities to create lifetime memories. This town in Assam was under the reign of the Ahom dynasty for more than six centuries. Until the 18th century, Jorhat was the last capital of the Ahom dynasty. There is a lot to discover in Jorhat, including its intriguing history. Jorhat is amongst the important urban centers in the state of Assam. Read about everything to know about Jorhat in our handcrafted Jorhat travel guide if you plan to visit Assam.

Why Visit Jorhat?

The stunning scenery of the manicured tea plantations can be experienced by walking through the enchanting tea gardens. Jorhat is one of the best places to visit Assam to see the local tea pickers at work. Shutterbugs can capture the raw videos of amiable locals and endangered birds that flourish at Jorhat. Furthermore, Assam houses around 180 mammal species, including endangered great Indian One Horned Rhinoceros, Golden Langur, and a wide range of avifauna. Wildlife encounters are best experienced in Assam because it has several national parks, including the Kaziranga and Manas. Cultural admirers will have the chance to witness the charm of Majuli Island while sailing through the Brahmaputra River. At Majuli Island, accommodations are made from bamboo and gorge on tribal cuisines. This is just a quick introduction to what could be possible in Jorhat. Continue reading to learn more!

How to Reach Jorhat?

This depends upon many factors, like the initial location from where you are arriving. For instance, coming via air is the best option if you arrive from long-distance locations like Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore. Jorhat does not have an airport. The nearest airport to Jorhat is Guwahati, 331 kilometers/9 hours (approx.). The Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport serves airlines like Go Air, AirAsia, Vistara, Air India, and IndiGo.

Moreover, train travel is also possible to Jorhat, but the nearest railway station is in Guwahati, 301 kilometers/8 hours (approx.). The Guwahati railhead is well connected with major Indian towns. Furthermore, a road trip to Jorhat is possible from the nearby cities of Assam. Read more about how to reach Jorhat.

How to Get Around Jorhat

Getting around Jorhat is easy and fun. You will find cabs or taxis operating in Jorhat. These taxis run on a shared and even private basis. Moreover, auto rickshaws are another means of transportation in Jorhat.

Best Time to Visit Jorhat

The best time to visit Jorhat depends upon the travelers’ preference. If one likes to enjoy the greenery, the monsoon is the best time! On the other hand, those who want to keep their expenses low must visit in summer. While the onset of winter marks the arrival of honeymooners and family travelers because of the cool climate, and it is the time when accommodation price increases. March to June marks the summers in Jorhat with an average high up to 28°C (approx.). Sightseeing is possible during the day if you can manage to bear the sunrays over your head with little humidity. However, nights are relatively cool compared to the day. Monsoon strikes in Jorhat with July approaching and lasts till September. Assam features a tropical rainforest climate which constitutes heavy rainfall and humidity. Also, national parks and treks remain closed during the monsoon. Thus, it is not the best time to visit Jorhat. So the conclusion is that the best time to visit Jorhat is early summers, monsoon, and winters. Click here to read about the best time to visit Jorhat.

Places to Visit in Jorhat


The highlight of the best places to visit in Jorhat includes tea gardens. Imagine waking up with a cup of tea in your hand, overlooking the misty hills, wandering through the emerald tea gardens, and exploring the rich cultural heritage. Jorhat is the commercial center and is also one of the famous places in India for jewelry making. In addition, one of the biggest river islands in the world is located near Jorhat, which attracts millions of tourists. Tickle your wanderlust for exploring Assam by discovering the best places to visit in Jorhat:

Majuli Island:

As the name suggests, it is a freshwater island located in the mighty Brahmaputra River. Majuli Island is easily reachable from Jorhat on a day trip because it's just 41 kilometers (approx.). Here you will come across a wide range of flora and fauna. For nature lovers, Majuli Island is the birdwatcher's paradise. Several tribal communities reside on Majuli Island. Go on a guided excursion to understand their way of living and get a glimpse of Assamese culture. Boating, kayaking, and parasailing are widely popular activities on Majuli Island.

Hollongapar Wildlife Sanctuary:

This wildlife sanctuary within the vicinity of Jorhat is an isolated protected area of evergreen forest. Here you can come across 40 (approx.) species of hoolock Gibbon. One side is encircled by the Brahmaputra River, while the tea gardens are everywhere else. Furthermore, Hollongapar Wildlife Sanctuary comprises Assamese macaques, tigers, and wild boars. Avoid visiting in monsoon as it remains close due to heavy rainfall. You can reach Hollongapar Wildlife Sanctuary from Jorhat by driving around 21 kilometers (approx.).

Kakochang Waterfalls:

It is one of the pristine waterfalls in Assam that flows in between coffee and rubber plantations. Kakochang Waterfall is located close to the famous Kaziranga National Park. The cascading falls flow from the height of 40 m (approx.) and are suitable and safe for taking a plunge. One needs to embark on a short 3.5 kilometers (approx.) from Naharjan Gaon Village, the base point, to reach Kakochang Waterfalls. This is where to spend some time with your family and sweetheart on a well-planned picnic. To reach Kakochang Waterfalls, drive.

Tocklai Tea Research Centre:

This tea research center in Jorhat is one of the oldest tea research institutes globally. Various research departments research fresh tea leaves and their production. Tocklai Tea Research Centre was established in 1911. Go on a guided excursion to Tocklai Tea Research Institute for tea processing and tasting tours. The distance from Jorhat city center to Tocklai Tea Research Institute is around 5 kilometers (approx.)

Lachit Borphukan Maidam:

Lachit Borphukan was the Ahom General of the 16th century, and this place is named after him. Lachit Borphukan, with his army, defeated the cruel Mughals in 1672 during the Saraighat War. Here, a memorial stone is dedicated to the city's warrior, and tourists flourish here to pay him homage. The war memorial remains open from 6 AM to 6 PM, and it requires around 1-2 hours (approx.) to explore the place entirely.

Things to Do in Jorhat

Do it now and book your Assam tour package with Jorhat as the main travel highlight. The last capital of the Ahom dynasty invites tourists of all types to indulge in the best things to do in Jorhat, including adventure, spiritual, and leisure experiences. Check out the famous things to do in Jorhat in Assam:

Wildlife Safari in Kaziranga National Park:

Witness exquisite flora and fauna at Kaziranga National Park, located around 112 kilometers (approx.) from Jorhat. Come across with one-horned rhinoceros. As the park is spread across the huge floodplains of Ganga, therefore you can enjoy Ganges river dolphins swimming inside the water body within the sanctuary. Unfortunately, Kaziranga National Park remains closed during the monsoon, and Indians and foreigners need to pay different entry fees.

Embark on Tribal Cultural Tour at Majuli Island:

Cruise through the Brahmaputra River to explore the biggest river island in the world. Majuli Island is the epic cultural center of Assam, where several tribal people reside. Stay at the traditional bamboo-made cottages and relish the food prepared by the tribal community. Renting a cycle and exploring the countryside charm of Majuli Island is one of the best things to do in Jorhat.

Explore the Rich History and Culture of Ahom Dynasty:

Head to the Sivasar, located 60 kilometers (approx.) from Jorhat, to get mesmerized by the verdant nature, ancient temples, pristine lakes, and museums. The ancient ruins of Sivasagar are a visual delight for history lovers.

Sail Through the Pristine Brahmaputra Water:

Indulge in an exhilarating boat ride at Nimati Ghat via ferries and steamboats. From here, you can take a launch to Majuli Island. Witnessing sunset over the Brahmaputra Waters is one of the best things to do in Jorhat.

Average Jorhat Trip Cost

11,000 INR - 18,000 INR (approx.) per person is the average budget for visiting Jorhat for 2-3 days (approx.), excluding the flights or train tickets. Furthermore, the cost of the package will increase depending upon the category of the hotel. However, this is just the average Johrat trip cost with accommodation, meals, sightseeing, pickup/drop.

Note: *Prices are subject to change according to your style of travel.

Accommodation in Jorhat

Jorhat being synonymous with the cultural capital of Assam, has ample accommodation options to choose from. Here you can stay within budget while enjoying the top-notch amenities. The best resorts in Jorhat overlook the lush green hills of tea or coffee plantations. Moreover, the luxury resorts in and around Jorhat are a pure retreat for nature-loving tourists. You can take advantage of several sightseeing attractions in Jorhat by staying at the suggested accommodation in Jorhat if you want easy access to the top places in Jorhat. A handful of the best hotels in Jorhat include Hotel GK Palace, Hotel MD’s Continental, and The Manor A Boutique Hotel. Did we mention some properties for leisure travelers and honeymooners tucked in the middle of the plantations?

Where to Eat in Jorhat

Heavy on taste, and light on the pocket, there are plenty of places to eat in Jorhat even if you are low on cash. Here you can relish authentic Assamese cuisine like Duck Meat, Aloo Pitika, Ou Tenga. If you want to stoke your imagination with creative Assamese food, enjoy eating Silkworms. You can relish local Assamese food and taste different cuisine at these places to eat in Jorhat, including Saffron, Ever Bake, and Wood Smoke Cafe. However, the street food of Jorhat includes momos and similar other dishes. So make sure you go on a food hopping tour.

Shopping in Jorhat

Shopaholics souls would not find any dull moments in Jorhat as there is something for everyone. The main highlight of shopping in Jorhat includes buying mekhla chadar, traditional handloom items, silk sarees, western stuff, and Assamese jewelry. Moreover, you can buy a different styles of tea, singing bowls, and handmade toys. The popular areas for shopping in Jorhat include AT Road, Chowk Bazar, and J.P.R Road. Also, you will find Big Bazaar and Vishal Mega Mart within the vicinity of Jorhat.

Essential Jorhat Travel Tips

  • Jorhat could be reached after landing at Guwahati airport
  • Guwahati Airport is around 331 kilometers/9 hours from Jorhat
  • Respect the Assamese culture
  • Wildlife tours in Jorhat and its nearby areas remain close during monsoon
  • Avoid planning a trip in the monsoon because of the heavy rainfall
  • Early summer and winter is the best time to visit Jorhat
  • Book your accommodation in advance

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