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Shopping in Junagadh

The fortified city of Junagadh in Gujarat has a long line of history and myth associated with it. Perhaps there lies its charm. Mention of it is also found in some of the manuscripts during the time of Ashoka. Moreover rock cut edifice of Ashoka lying outside the city prove its distant past. Lying at the foothills of the Girnar hills this ancient city attracts historians and leisure tourist alike. Pilgrims flock to Mount Girnar as it is considered one of the pilgrim points of the Jains. The uphill climb of 2000 steps may be strenuous but once on top of the hill you get to see some marvelous rock cut shrines. Its political history too has not been smooth.

The Maurya dynasty ruled over here but it was later passed on to the Chudasama Rajputs who ruled here from the 9th to the 15th century till the district was taken over by the Nawab. To make the best of your Tour to Junagadh go out for a leisurely Shopping in Junagadh.

When you are out Shopping in Junagadh don't expect for a looming 7 storied shopping complex to greet your eyes. This quaint ancient town may not have the westernized exterior of some metropolitan cities. The shops that throng the market place and bazaars in Junagadh are small, some even makeshift.

However that the main charm of Shopping in Junagadh. Stroll along the busy Bazaars in Junagadh of how the day unfolds and settles down as the day proceeds. Some of the items you could possibly pick up as souvenirs are wall hangings, bandhni saris, cloth toys, devotional items, embroidered clothes, and silk saris. Bargain to get the best of the deal. Narrow lanes, makeshift shops, the harking of the shopkeepers all culminates to give an old world charm to these bazaars.

If you are wondering What to Buy in Junagadh while you are Shopping in Junagadh keep a lookout for items like Ayurvedic medicines, footwear, herbal remedies, incense stick and oil, and mementos of Junagadh carved in marble or wood.


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