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What to buy in Junagadh

If you have a historical bent of mind and want to experience the essence of an ancient city that existed from the time of Ashoka then we highly recommend you Junagadh. This historical town has been the capital of the Mauryan and the Gupta dynasty and later on was the reigning seat of the Chudasama Rajputs till the 15th century. Then it was taken under Muslim reign till the Independence of India. This fortified city is located at the foothills of the Girnar Hills which is considered to be one of the important Jain pilgrim points. The 16 shrines in the mountain top reflect the architectural splendor of Junagadh. Any tour is incomplete without a shopping spree and some souvenir buying. If you are wondering What to buy in Junagadh then visit the Bazaars here and makeshift shops which provides you variable items that are reasonably priced too.

If you are out Shopping in Junagadh don't anticipate a looming 7 storied shopping complex where attendants will greet you with immaculate manners and Britney Spear plays in the background. This quaint ancient town may not have the westernized exterior of some metropolitan cities. The shops that throng the market place and bazaars in Junagadh are small, some even makeshift, and some one room road side establishment. However that is the main charm. An old world charm is distinctly evident. Some of the tourists swear that they smell ancient too.

If you are still in two minds about What to buy in Junagadh then we could suggest some of the items you could possibly pick up as souvenirs are wall hangings, bandhni saris, cloth toys, devotional items, embroidered clothes, and silk saris. Bargain to get the best of the deal. Narrow lanes, makeshift shops, the harking of the shopkeepers all culminates to give an old world charm to these bazaars.

Stroll along leisurely in the bazaars and roadside shops in the hub of the city to check out the items on offer. Bargain to get the best of the deal as they often take undue advantage of tourists. Narrow lanes, makeshift shops, the harking of the shopkeepers all culminate to transpose you in another era.

While you are on a Shopping spree in Junagadh keep a lookout for items like Ayurvedic medicines, footwear, herbal remedies, incence stick and oil, devotional items and mementos of Junagadh carved in marble or wood.

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