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Excursions from Kanpur

Kanpur is a beautiful city with eye catching sceneries everywhere you look. Kanpur is situated on the banks of the sacred river Ganga. Kanpur is an important industrial center of Uttar Pradesh. Kanpur is extremely well known for its leather industries. As a matter of fact Kanpur is synonymous to leather. Every year thousands of tourists from all over the world visit the beautiful city of Kanpur. Kanpur offers a wide range of leather products to its customers like Bags, Belts, Shoes, Saddles, Suitcase, Airbags, Purses, Wallets, Gloves, Volleyballs, Football, Basketballs, Jackets, decorative items and the list goes on and on and on.

Excursions from Kanpur are equally and as interesting as the city itself. Excursions from Kanpur, India to these spots are a single day tour. This is because almost all these spots are within the range of 100 kilometers.

Musanagar is an important and beautiful town in the region. Musanagar is famous for the excavation works that are done for unearthing the remains of the Indus Valley Civilization. The other beautiful tourist attraction spots include beautiful temples which are of great religious importance.

There are quite a few destinations for the Kanpur Excursions. Among all the destinations one of the must visit places for those who are considering Excursions from Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh is unquestionably Bithoor. Situated 22 kilometers from the city of Kanpur, Bithoor is a historical and a very important religious town. The town is situated on Kannauj Road and nestled on the banks of the great Ganges. Bithoor is quite a serene and calm spot that is perfused with historical and religious significance.

Another place that must surely be visited for people thinking of Excursions from Kanpur is Kannauj. Kannauj is a town with historical significance and is situated on the banks of the holy river Ganga. The beautiful town of Kannauj has maintained and remained in prominence for most part of the ancient and medieval period. The city rose to prominence and gained huge importance during the reign and rule of Harshavardhana who is considered as one of the most illustrious and notable rulers in India. Kannauj was named the capital city of Harshavardhana in the mid 7th century.

Lucknow is another picturesque city that should definitely be visited. This city is called the 'City of Nawabs'. The city of Lucknow is the proud possessor of a range of aesthetic and attractive monuments. The most important among all the monuments are the Imambaras, the most famous ones being the Chota Imambara, Shah Najaf Imambara and Bada Imambara.

While in Kanpur, it is definitely worthwhile to spare some time and go for these Excursions from Kanpur. These are tours are very enjoyable and soothing to the eyes as the tourists have a lifetime experience going around the beautiful places in Kanpur.

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