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Dances of Karnataka

One of the richest provinces of India in terms of culture and heritage, the state of Karnataka is known for its rich contribution to Indian culture. One of the most important genres where the influence of Karnataka has shaped the cultural outlook of India is the several dance forms which have their origin in Karnataka. The dances of Karnataka are not just expressions of art, but are in themselves an expression of the cultural history of the state as well. Thus, if you are planning a holiday in Karnataka, make sure you include a performance of the dances of Karnataka as an integral part of your tour itinerary of Karnataka.

Dances of Karnataka: The main dances of Karnataka include several variations of folk dances as well as some of the most important forms classical dances in India. These are:

Folk Dances of Karnataka: There are several ritualistic dances in Karnataka which include forms like Kunitha which is basically a popular dance of Karnataka in accompaniment to music. The demands of this dance include a synchronized movement of the dancers to the accompaniment of drum beats.

The other folk dances of Karnataka include forms like Devare Thatte Kunitha, Yellammana Kunitha, Suggi Kunitha.

Classical Dances: Karnataka is an important promoter of classical forms of dance. These include forms like the Bharatanatyam, which is perhaps best symbolized by its Mysore form. The other forms of the classical of dances of Karnataka include Kuchipudi and Kathak.

Dance Drama: The various dance dramas of Karnataka are also important forms of the dances of Karnataka. The most important form of the dance dramas of Karnataka is expressed by the Yakshagana, which is mainly performed in the coastal areas of Karnataka.