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Handicrafts of Karnataka

Karnataka is the land of fascinating natural beauty and rich heritage and culture. The handicrafts of Karnataka reflect the skilful craftsmanship of the artisans of Karnataka. Be it the intricate carvings on wood or the exquisite designs on fabric, handicrafts of Karnataka have always been really famous. The Karnataka Government also encourages the artisans to promote the handicrafts of Karnataka.

The lands of Maharajas, Karnataka handicrafts have been enjoying the patronage of royal families to preserve their age old traditions. Amongst the handicrafts of Karnataka the two most famous artworks are:

Silk Weaving Mysore:Mysore in Karnataka is famous for its silk weaving industry. The fairer sex swears over the royal lustre and color of the Mysore Silk. The silk weaving in Mysore is a traditional occupation and is being carried on for generations. The object of desire for the Indian women, silk weaving is a major occupation of Mysore as well as Karnataka.

The Mysore silk is generated by the silkworm cocoons of mulberry leaves. So if you wish to add a few Mysore silks in your shopping list then visit Mysore in Karnataka.

Bidriware:Bidriware is one of the rare handicrafts of Karnataka innovated by the Karnataka craftsmen. Bidar in north Karnataka is famous for this exquisite craftwork called Bidriware which is made of metal plates.It is believed that craftsmen from Iran brought this art f Bidriware in Karnataka.