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Silk Weaving Mysore

Karnataka is the land of fascinating natural beauty and rich heritage and culture. The handicrafts of Karnataka reflect the skilful craftsmanship of the artisans of Karnataka. Silk Weaving Mysore factories in Karnataka are one of them which are encouraged by the government.

This 200 year old silk weaving Mysore industry was set up by the Maharaja of Mysore in 1912. He wished to nurture this art of silk weaving in Mysore.

Silk weaving in Mysore is a traditional occupation and is being carried on for generations. The object of desire for the Indian women, silk weaving is a major occupation of Mysore as well as Karnataka.

The Mysore silk is generated by the silkworm cocoons of mulberry leaves. The silk weaving Mysore trade has flourished because of the lustre and beauty of these silk sarees.

Not only have the weavers of centers liked Molakalmur but the Government Silk Weaving Factory has also produced some of the finest quality silk in Mysore.

Silk Weaving is famous in Mysore and has resulted in worldwide popularity. Karnataka is popular in the world for its colorful silks with their extraordinary finish and lustre.So if you wish to add a few Mysore silks in your shopping list then visit Mysore in Karnataka.