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Currency in Karnataka

The Rupee is the standard unit of Indian Currency. It is called 'rupiah' or 'rupaiah' in the national language Hindi. In all the states of India, the rupee is the standard of currency. If you are traveling to Karnataka from any part of the globe you need to convert your money into the Indian currency or rupees. Currency in Karnataka is the same as that of Currency in India. It is not at all a difficult task to exchange money in Karnataka.

Currency Conversion list:

US Dollar                             INR 46.45

UK Pound                            INR 67.14

Deutsch Mark                       INR 21.93

French Frank                        INR 6.54

Japanese Yen                       INR 00.39

Danish Kroner                      INR 5.76

Dutch Gilders                       INR 19.46

Swiss Francs                       INR 27.97

Australian Dollar                   INR 24.91

Canadian Dollar                    INR 30.77

Singapore Dollar                   INR 26.60

Hongkong Dollar                   INR 5.95

your travel in Karnataka. Generally money exchange is recommended through recognized money exchange agents or nationalized Banks. Money exchanging facilities are also found to be operational at the international airports. It is advisable that the traveler keeps all the certificates of money exchange from any foreign currency to Indian Rupees safely for any future use. Travelers can change their money back to their own respective currency on final departure at the Bank Counter or at outlets at the airports.