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Best Time to Visit Kasargod

Kasargod is diverse in culture, beliefs, and language. And these are some of the main features of upgrading tourism. Moreover, the place is beautiful and blessed with nature. Therefore, throughout the year, this pilgrimage site is good to visit. However, the best time and hassle-free period are from August till March. During these months, the weather condition is pleasant to enjoy a delightful vacation in Kasargod. On the northern part of the state of Kerala lies the famous destination of Kasargod. It is home to several attractions like the Madhur Temple, Mallikkarjuna Temple, Chandragiri Fort, Theruvatthu mosque, and more.

Summers March to May 23°C-34°C
Monsoon June to November 23°C-30°C
Winter January to February 21°C-33°C

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