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Kasauli Tourism | How to Plan a Trip to Kasauli

  • Kasauli Town in Himachal Pradesh
Kasauli At a Glance
  • Average Climate:5°C - 28°C
  • Best Time to Visit:Throughout the year
  • STD Code:01793

Kasauli Travel Guide

Kasauli in the Solan district of Himachal Pradesh is an ideal tourist destination in the mountains. This beautiful hamlet in the Himalayas is an abode of pleasures that lures many travelers every year. The hill town place is well known for its snow-clad mountains, lush forests, and thrilling activities, which traits the perfect getaway.

Located at an elevation of 1,800 meters above sea levels, Kasauli is a cantonment town built during the days of the British Raj. The famous hill station in Himachal Pradesh is idyllic to relax, embark on trekking trails and savor the charm of the natural landscape. Moreover, this hill station offers many tourist attractions and opportunities to indulge in thrills. To get an insightful experience, check out this Kasauli travel guide. You can quickly sort out your vacation with this travel guide of Kasauli. So, start the game of scrolling and learn more about Kasauli tourism.


According to the ancient Hindu texts, Kasauli was said to have been the resting place of Lord Hanuman while he was looking for the life-restoring herb (Sanjeevani) in the Himalayas. Records state that the Rajput kings from Rewari owned the land and sold it to the British in the 19th century. Kasauli was then established as a British cantonment town in 1842. The beautiful scenery had enchanted the Britishers, and they settled in the city to prepare for the Anglo-Sikh wars. The city of Kasauli has come a long way since. The city is now a famous tourist landmark in the locales of Himachal Pradesh.

Attractions in Kasauli

Kasauli Brewery

The Kasauli Brewery pre-exists the town. It was founded in the 1820s by Edward Dyer. The British entrepreneur brought the equipment from Britain by the British East India Company. Kasauli's climate bears a resemblance to that of Scotland, the brewery is therefore known for producing various single malt whiskeys and the freshly brewed Indian pale ale. Check out Kasauli's fantastic tourist attraction. Tours are available for guests.

Christ Church

The Christ Church was established by the British in 1853. It is located in the middle of a picturesque pine and deodar trees setting. The church is one of the most visited places in Kasauli. Marvel at the beautiful neo-gothic architecture and the various stained glass windows imported from Britain. The peaceful atmosphere offers visitors a spiritual experience.

Sunset Point

The Sunset Point is a famous checkout in Kasauli. Located at the end of the upper mall road, the spot is a frequented tourist location for the charming sunset in the evenings. The blissful scenery of the sun setting and the sky changing colors make it a marvel to behold and a great place to spend your evenings.

The Mall

The Mall is the main shopping area of Kasauli. It is divided into the lower and the upper mall road. The site is covered by cafes, shops, restaurants, bookstores, hotels, and the famous Kasauli Club. The mall is the busiest area of the hill town and is frequented by many tourists. Walk through the stretch for shopping and enjoy the appeal of the city.

Manki Point

Manki Point or Monkey Point is the highest point at Kasauli. It is said to be where Lord Hanuman rested while searching for the medicinal herb (Sanjeevani) for the injured Lakshamana in the Indian epic Ramayana. The point offers beautiful views of snowcapped peaks of the Himalayas, glistening waters of the Sutlej River, and the verdant valley.

Krishna Bhavan Mandir

Krishna Bhavan Mandir, built-in 1926 is a classic example of marvelous architecture combined with the European and Indian styles. The temple is famous for being built similar to a church. It is a popular tourist spot in Kasauli. The temple is one of the major pilgrimage spots in Himachal and is visited by many tourists here to get the blessings of God.

Gilbert Trail

One of the most thrilling trekking trails in the Himalayas, the Gilbert trail is picturesque. Starting near the Kasauli club, the trail passes through lush natural beauty and birds of fantastic variety. The endpoint is the beautiful sunset point where the incredible view of the panorama awaits. It is easy to hike, and the company of loved ones makes it an aromantic activity.

Places to visit around Kasauli

There are numerous places to visit around Kasauli. The breathtaking locales of Himachal are easily accessible. Places of not you can check out are:


Solan is another hill town in Himachal Pradesh. 28 km from Kasauli, the quaint hamlet is ideal for relaxing and trekking. The easy trails in the mountains are a good day out. Enjoy the greenery, birds indigenous to the state, and other flora.


The dual capital city of Punjab and Haryana, Chandigarh is a scenic city with all modern pleasures. Enjoy a good time exploring gardens, lakes, shopping malls, dining, adventures, and the nightlife.

Activities in Kasauli

Trekking, nature walks, paragliding, and camping are some of the outdoor activities in Kasauli that visitors can enjoy here.


Kasauli has some great trekking routes. There are various easy to moderate hiking trails in the Himalayas starting from the town. The trek from Kasauli to Jabali is 9 km long and offers panoramic views of the hills. There are numerous other treks to Kalka and Garkhal too.

Nature Walks

Kasauli offers delightful nature walks. The most scenic ones are from the Lower mall area to Kimmughat, the trail from Old Kasauli Road to Parwanoo, and a 1.5 km long Sanawar-Mandudhar trail. The wooded areas and the panorama of hills is charming.


In Kasauli, Dagshaiit is possible to go paragliding. So get your adrenaline flowing and head to this old British cantonment for a bit of adventure.


Kasauli is a blissful town to enjoy nature outings. There are some camping sites for those who love the outdoors. At Dagshai, enjoy the refreshing experience.

How to Reach

By Air

The nearest airport to reach Kasauli is an airport at Chandigarh is at a distance of 80 km. This is the nearest airport, and daily flights from Delhi and other cities are available. It takes about two hours to reach the hill town. Private vehicles ply the route.

By Rail

To reach Kasauli, the nearest railhead is Kalka, 55 km away. Kalka is the last broad gauge station. From here narrow gauge train goes to Shimla. It is easier to drive from the Kalka railway station. It takes one and a half hours from the railway station to reach the cantonment town.

By Road

Kasauli has good road links to several towns in northern India and the expanse of Himachal Pradesh. Himachal State Transport buses are plying on the route. Private vehicles and rented cabs are also available to reach the hill town.

Best time to Visit

Kasauli is at its best between April and November. The pleasant climate is ideal for indulging in sightseeing, trekking, paragliding, and camping. This is the best time to visit, as the weather's lovely and not too hot or too cold. The peak summer, May, and June see the temperature as high as 32°C. The days are hot, but the evenings are pleasant. The monsoon is harsh, and the roads get dangerous, but the town retains its charming beauty. The peak winter, January-February, has temperatures as low as 0°C to 20°C.

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