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Kausani Tourism | How to Plan a Trip to Kausani

It is totally fair to call Kausani “Mini Switzerland of India”; because the snow capped hills in the backdrop and lush greenery, numerous flowers all around, undoubtedly justifies its name. (11:53) bhavna: Kau

  • Kausani Hill Station
Kausani At a Glance
  • Average Climate:2°C to 25°C
  • Best Time to Visit:July till September
  • STD Code:059628

Kausani Travel Guide

Kausani Uttarakhand is a beautiful little heaven that attracts nature admirers and peace lovers and is 1,890 meters above sea level. Kausani tourism is a pleasant way to reconnect with nature and charming landscapes. It is certainly not an understatement that nature has bestowed Kausani with beauty and ambiance. 

Being known as the Switzerland of India, Kausani is a beautiful land in Uttarakhand that gives you beauty, charm, excitement, and panoramic views. This hill station is a part of the Kumaon region and is blessed with rich biodiversity that offers many reasons to plan a vacation here. The pristine beauty, trekking opportunities, bird watching, tea estates, waterfalls, and spiritual aura are significant factors that allure tourists from different corners of the world. 

Places to visit in Kausani 

Kausani is a charming holiday destination in Uttarakhand with magnificent panoramic views and natural beauty. Tourist attractions in Kausani offer an opportunity to enjoy unspoiled greenery, feel spiritual vibes, rejuvenate yourself, and collect unique experiences. We have listed the famous Kausani places to visit that you should take advantage of at any cost. 

  • Kausani Planetarium
  • Anasakti Ashram
  • Rudradhari Falls and Caves
  • Baijnath Temple
  • Dandeshwar Temple
  • Someshwar
  • Pinnath
  • Gwaldam Hill station

Things to do in Kausani 

From witnessing endless natural vistas to indulging in thrilling adventures and activities, Kausani will win your heart. Moreover, this village engages you with amazement, excitement, and tranquility throughout your Kausani trip. Here is the list of top activities to do in Kausani for an unforgettable vacation. 

  • Enjoy trekking to Rudradhari Falls
  • Stargazing at Kausani Planetarium
  • Stroll in Kausani Tea Estate
  • Take a nature Walk
  • Spend some time in Lakshmi Ashram
  • Admire the Ancient architecture at Baijnath Temple

Best time to visit Kausani 

The Kausani temperature is suitable for almost all the months of the year, and the environment is fresh and hygienic. Each season has something unique to offer tourists, and a different experience for each season is one of the best things about this village. However, the best time to visit Kausani is from July to mid-September, when its lush greenery is at its peak and its enchanting sights bloom. You can plan your vacation in Kausani to enjoy the outdoor activities.

How to reach Kausani 

Kausani does not have an airport, but you will find several ways to reach Kausani. Pantnagar Airport is the closest airport to Kausani Village, at around 168 km. Apart from it, Dehradun Airport is also an excellent choice to go to Kausani. In addition, you can take a regular bus service to get to Kausani by road from neighboring states. And if you are planning to visit Kausani by train, Kathgodam Railway Junction is the closest.

Accommodations in Kausani 

Due to its rising popularity, numerous hotels, lodges, and restaurants have come up to serve the surging tourist traffic. The resorts and hotels are available in a range suitable for most pockets and provide excellent facilities and living spaces to let tourists enjoy their time in Kausani. Some famous Kausani hotels that will add comfort to your holiday are Chevron Eco Lodge, Chevron Mountain Villa, Blossom Resort, Sun N Snow Inn, Suman Royal Resort, and more.

Where to eat in Kausani? 

Enjoying your food with mountain views will make your tour more appealing. You can enjoy such moments in Kausani and try delicious foods at its top restaurants. Several cuisines and food items are a delight for your hunger and a treat for your taste buds. The top restaurants where you can enjoy food with the best views are Garden Restaurant, Yogi Restaurant, Valley Restaurants, Shivay Cafe and Bakery, Zayka Vegetarian Kausani, and Ashoka Restaurant.

How to get around Kausani? 

Hiring a local taxi in Kausani is one of the best ways to explore the town. You can also take a bus service to cover and explore the city. However, it is advised to cover the short distance by walking as it gives you a chance to interact with local people, and you will also know about the Kausani people's lifestyle.

Travel Tips

  • You should wear heavy woolen clothes in winter when the climate is freezing.
  • It is better to book your hotel and flight in advance to avoid the last moment disappointment.
  • Carry a good-quality camera to capture the Himalayan peaks.
  • Remember to enjoy stargazing while enjoying camping in Kausani.
  • There are plenty of good opportunities for trekking near Kausani for adventure enthusiasts.


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Frequently Asked Questions About Kausani Tourism

Q: Why is Kausani famous?

Ans. Kausani has the title of Switzerland of India due to its scenic beauty and landscapes. However, it is famous for offering picturesque views of Himalayan peaks, thrilling activities, rich biodiversity, and spiritual vibes. Apart from it, the tranquility of this hill station is something that will take a special place in your heart forever.

Q: Is Kausani worth visiting?

Ans. A big Yes! Kausani is a beautiful land where you can enjoy the best holiday with your close ones in multiple ways. So whether you are looking for thrilling activities like trekking and camping or you are looking for a peaceful vacation and indulging in a spiritual aura, Kausani has it all for you.

Q: Which is better Kausani or Kasauli?

Ans. Both are hill stations but are located in two different states of India. Choosing one totally depends on convenience and your traveling preferences. Though both hill stations are equally fascinating and beautiful, attracting many tourists - it is believed by many that Kausani has better sightseeing whereas Kasauli is famous for its Tibetan carpets and shawls.

Q: How many days are enough for Kausani?

Ans. You can cover the major tourist attractions in Kausani within 2 days. However, you can extend it to 3 to enjoy a vacation thoroughly. From enjoying adventure activities to indulging in immersive experiences, Kasaunai lets you cover the best of this hill station with your 2-3 days tour package.

Q: Can we see snow in Kausani?

Ans. January and February are two months that offer freezing ambiance in Kausani. During this time, the Kausani experiences snowfall, and the entire region gets an excellent white snow cover. This hill station becomes enchanting in the winter and receives heavy footfalls. However, you should not forget to carry heavy woolen clothes in winter as the temperature is freezing.