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Kawardha Tourism | How to Plan a Trip to Kawardha

Experience nature's best in this unique town of Chhattisgarh, Kawardha. Visit famous bio-reserves to explore unique flora & fauna and get blessings at some of the revered temples here.

Kawardha At a Glance
  • Average Climate:4°C - 20°C
  • Best Time to Visit:December - February
  • STD Code:07741

Kawardha Travel Guide

Kawardha is a picturesque little town that is set on the periphery of the Maikal Ranges. The prominent mountain range consists of a dense forest, wildlife sanctuary, hiking trails, and scenic views. Further, this hilly terrain, with an altitude of nearly 1,000 meters above sea level, lies on the southeastern side of the infamous Kanha National Park. It is for such a strategic situation of the town that a tour to Kawardha is an important content in the itinerary of any Chhattisgarh Travel Guide.

Additionally, the region in and around the city of Kawardha is characterized by the tribal population (majorly the Gond and the Baiga tribes). Thus, the place has many sites of rich tribal culture, besides endless natural heritage locations. Read this detailed Kawardha Travel Guide for more information.

Kawardha Tourism

Undoubtedly, Kawardha is a place for nature lovers with some of the best bio-reserves, lakes, and hills. The place also has some famous temples and palaces. Some of the best Kawardha tourist places are Bhoramdeo Temple, Kawardha Palace, Radha Krishna Temple, Saroda Reservoir, and Pushpa Sarovar Lake. Also, because it is located close to the capital city Raipur, Kawardha can be visited as a part of a larger tour plan of Chhattisgarh.

Why Visit Kawardha?

Based alongside the Maikal Ranges, Kawardha is a beautiful little town that is ideal for nature lovers. People who are spiritually inclined can visit this palace to get blessings at some of the revered temples, such as Bhoramdeo Temple, Kawardha Palace, and Radha Krishna Temple. Before or after exploring Kawardha, you can head to the renowned Kanha National Park, which is situated in the southeast direction of Kawardha.

Languages Spoken in Kawardha

The languages spoken in Kawardha are Hindi and Chhattisgarhi.

Where is Kawardha located?

The town of Kawardha is located in the Kabirdham district of the Indian state of Chattisgarh. The town is located 120 km northwest of the state's capital, Raipur.

Places to Visit in Kawardha

Kawardha is majorly visited for its unique monuments and temples. Some of the top places to visit in Kawardha are listed below:

  • Kawardha Palace: designed in beautiful Italian marble and stone
  • Shiva Bhoramdeo Temples: intricate, beautiful carvings on stone
  • Saroda Reservoir: engage in fun activities like fishing, boating
  • Radha Krishna Temple: 19th-century-built renowned temple
  • Sahaspur Wildlife Sanctuary: a perfect location for nature lovers

There are also various places for sightseeing nearby the Kawardha region, which you also add to your tour itinerary. Some of them are The Saroda Reservoir, the temples of Shiva Bhoramdeo, Sahaspur Wildlife Sanctuary, Bhoramdeo wildlife sanctuary, and a few others.

Best time to visit Kawardha

The best time to visit Kawardha in India is from January through March and November and December. During this time, the weather is ideal for sightseeing, and there is almost no precipitation.

How to reach Kawardha

Kawardha can easily be reached through the state's capital Raipur, by rail, road, and air. On a regular basis, approximately 28 flights operate from Raipur airport. By rail, Raipur is connected to other major cities. And, by road, not just from Raipur, Kawardha can be reached from Bhatapara, Durg, and Bhilai Nagar, which are 48.78 km, 55.31 km, and 57.15 km away, respectively.

Travel Tips

  • Since Chattisgarh is located in the Red Corridor, it is best to learn about the ground situation before heading to the place for a tour.
  • Also, beware of curfews in the news and stay indoors after dark.
  • Find out whether attractions are open or not before visiting. Since particular attractions are closed at certain times of the year because of security reasons or otherwise.
  • Across Chhattisgarh, there are many famous ancient caves. It is advised that children, the elderly, and those suffering from claustrophobia best avoid the caves.

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