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Keonjhar Tourism | How to Plan a Trip to Keonjhar

One of the quiet hill side towns of Orissa, Keonjhar is an idyllic retreat for tourists who wish to explore the beauty of unspoilt virgen lands. Once a princely state it was ruled by a number of dynasties before it became a part of Orissa.

Keonjhar At a Glance
  • Average Climate:4°C - 25°C
  • Best Time to Visit:November - February
  • STD Code:06766

Keonjhar Travel Guide

On your tour to Keonjhar Odisha, you can explore the vast acres of greenery and wooded settings. Nestled amidst hills, the forests of Keonjhar are home to various animals. The city is also famous for its rich mineral resources. On your tour to Keonjhar, you will learn more about the breathtaking beauty of the place and not only about coal mines.

Keonjhar in Odisha is also an exciting option for Ecotourism in Odisha. Several tribal communities reside in the Keonjhar district, including names like Santhal, Oraon, and Munda. Some interesting tourist places in Keonjhar include the Jagannath Temple, the Vishnu Temple, and the Ghaghra Falls.

Many waterfalls also adorn the rich forests of Keonjhar. They make Keonjhar one of the most beautiful tourist places. On your tour to Keonjhar Odisha, you can get a glimpse of the waterfall at Khandadhar, a modest Sanaghagara Waterfall, and the most popular Badaghagara Waterfall.

Keep reading to know about Keonjhar, how to reach it, its best time to visit, shopping places, useful travel trips, and much more.

Keonjhar Tourism

Some significant factors of Keonjhar Tourism are natural beauty, waterfalls, and minerals found in this region. Keonjhar is one of the major mineral-producing places in Odisha, like Iron ore, Manganese ore, Chromate, Quartzite, Bauxite, and Gold. Apart from this, the climate of this place is scorching in the summer and pleasant in the winter.

Also, the major crops grown in Keonjhar are Paddy, Maize, Til, Niger, Arhar, etc. In addition, Makar Sankranti, Nuakhai, Raja Parab, Burani Jatra, Ratha Jatra, and Shivaratri are famous festivals celebrated in Keonjhar.

Why Visit Keonjhar?

If you wish to spend time amidst acres of greenery, Keonjhar is the place to be. For nature lovers, Keonjhar has many places to relax and unwind. Also, the entire district is filled with forest and dotted with waterfalls. Also, the place is famous for its rich mineral resources. Keonjhar is also big on ecotourism.

Moreover, many tribes live here, like Oraon, Santhal, and Munda. So you can get insight into local culture. Jagannath Temple, the Vishnu Temple, and the Ghaghra Falls are famous attractions you will be visiting if you visit Keonjhar Odisha.

Languages Spoken in Keonjhar

The main languages spoken in Keonjhar are Odia and Hindi.

Where is Keonjhar Located?

Keonjhar is a landlocked district located in Odisha’s northern part. It shares its borders with Mayurbhanj District, Balasore District, Bhadrak District to the east; Jajpur District to the south; Dhenkanal District, Angul District, and Sundargarh District to the west; and West Singhbhum district to the north.

Places to Visit in Keonjhar

Keonjhar is surrounded by nature, so it is the best thing to see. However, the place has many temples and waterfalls, offering peaceful getaways in everyday chaos.

On your Keonjhar Odisha tour, visit these attractions -

  • Baladevjew Temple
  • Maa Tarini Temple, Ghatgaon
  • Murga Mahadev
  • Lord Jagannath Temple
  • Lord Hanuman Temple
  • Badaghagara
  • Sanaghagara
  • Gundicha Ghagi

Things to Do in Keonjhar

At the tourist attractions, here are some fun things to do in Keonjhar:

  • Enjoy a picnic at Sanaghagara Waterfall
  • Spend relaxing time at Bhimkund Waterfall
  • Seek blessings at Murga Mahadev Temple
  • Pay homage at Lord Jagannath Temple

Shopping in Keonjhar

Keonjhar has amazing terracotta figurines that are distinctive and make excellent souvenirs. Handicrafts are an important part of their cultural heritage that attracts many international tourists as well. You can get your hands on exclusive metalwork. The Dhokra metal castings are also available here. Jute products and bamboo craft items can also be bought.

Best Time to Visit Keonjhar

Winter is the best time to visit Keonjhar Odisha, as the weather is pleasant and ideal for sightseeing. Summers begin in March and are hot, reaching a maximum of 38°C. As the monsoon begins, the temperature dips but is still quite humid. Thus, October to February is the best time to plan the Keonjhar trip as the temperature hovers at around 11°C.

How to Reach Keonjhar

Bhubaneswar airport is the nearest to Keonjhar. You can take a bus or taxi to Keonjhar from the airport. Also, Keonjhar is a part of the Daitari-Banspani rail link, and one daily express train runs from Puri via Jakhapura with stops at Bhubaneswar and Cuttack. The roads to Keonjhar are well-maintained, and national highways 520 and 6 cross the city. You can plan a road trip or take a bus from Bhubaneswar, Cuttack, Puri, Rourkela, Jamshedpur, Ranchi, and Kolkata.

How to Get Around Keonjhar?

Buses and taxis are available throughout the city. So moving from one part of the city to another is not a hassle.

How many days are enough for Keonjhar?

1-2 days are enough to explore the best of Keonjhar. You can visit the top tourist places and enjoy the activities offered in the city.

Accommodation in Keonjhar

There is no shortage of places to stay in Keonjhar, ranging from budget to luxury. Also, decent amenities are provided for a comfortable stay.

Some of the best accommodation options in Keonjhar are:

  • Hotel Kashvi International
  • POP 84630 Jp Palace
  • Anjana Palace
  • Shree Bhakti Sagar Hotel
  • Saikat Sree Lodge

Where to Eat in Keonjhar?

When it comes to trying cuisine in Odisha, Keonjhar has a few options. You will find roadside stalls selling fast food. Flower Badi, made from black gram and shaped like a flower, and Tata, a sweet dish offered as prasad in the Baladevjew Temple, are must try. Also, there are a few air-conditioned restaurants that serve Indian cuisine. 

Some popular restaurants in Keonjhar are:

  • Geetanjali Veg Restaurant
  • Hotel Megha
  • Hi5! Cafe & Resto
  • Food Traffic
  • Devi Restaurant

Travel Tips for Keonjhar

  • Reserve hotels in advance to avoid the hassle.
  • Get amazing discounts on hotels, flights, and train tickets during the off-season.
  • Respect the rules and regulations of a place (if any).
  • Wear appropriate clothing while visiting temples or other religious sites.
  • Carry woolen for the winter season.
  • Respect the local culture.
  • Try the local food for an authentic experience.
  • Learn some local phrases for easy interaction.
  • Carry essential medicines with you.
  • Do not roam alone in isolated places to be safe.


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FAQs about Keonjhar Travel Guide

Q: Why is Keonjhar famous?

Ans. Keonjhar is famous for its terracotta figurines, metalwork, bamboo work, and more. It is one of the richest mineral-producing places in Odisha, like Iron ore, Manganese ore, Chromate, and Quartzite.

Q: How many waterfalls are there in Keonjhar?

Ans. There are about 5 pristine waterfalls in Keonjhar, Odisha.

Q: What is the cost of visiting Keonjhar?

Ans. A trip to Keonjhar will cost you around INR 5,000. However, the accommodation, meals, transfer, and sightseeing can affect the price.

Q: What is the old name of Keonjhar?

Ans. Before India gained independence, Keonjhar was called Kendujhar. It was among Odisha’s princely states.

Q: Are 2 days enough for a Keonjhar trip?

Ans. Yes. 2 days are enough to visit the famous attractions in Keonjhar.