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Horn Carving Kerala

The admirable skills of the craftsmen of Kerala have found manifestation in the various crafts of Kerala. Horn Carving is one such craft which has been taken to new heights by the craftsmen of Kerala. This ancient craft has flourished not only because of the easy availability of raw materials but also because of the efficiency and skills of the master craftsmen.

Horns are available throughout the state. Skilled craftsmen from Trichur, Kasaragod, Ernakulam and Cochin practice Horn Carving. However the artisans belonging to the Vishwakarma community in Thiruvanathapuram have really excelled in this field. They have achieved a lot of fame and glory because of their talents in Horn Carving.

The buffalo horns are heated and oiled. It then becomes soft and it becomes much easier to work upon them. The craftsmen use the material to their benefit. They also bring about a lot of variation in the color. Hence the final products of Horn Carving are indeed very admirable.

Some of the most common products of Horn Carving are models of birds and animals, toy furniture and small snake boats. The cranes of Kerala are very famous and we often find that the buffalo horns have been carved in their shape. However it isn't that just these show pieces are carved from horns. The list includes a vast array of utilitarian items like paper weights, vases, buttons, trays, pen stands, lamps, combs, cigarette cases, ashtrays. The best part is that these items do not just have utility value. They double up as exclusive decorative pieces.

When you visit Kerala, make sure that you buy a few of these products back home. They are wonderful souvenirs and can be gifted to your near and dear ones as well.