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Kannyarkali in Kerala

Surrounded by landscapes where, nature an almost be personified, Kerala is one of the most popular tourist destinations of India. Perhaps the growth of tourism in Kerala is accentuated by the rich heritage and culture of Kerala, which is still proudly preserved in almost the entirety of the state.

Thus, a trip to Kerala is incomplete without a cultural tour of Kerala. Thus, if you are planning a holiday in Kerala, make sure you witness some of the ancient ritual arts of Kerala which are led by names like Kannyarkali.


Also known as Desathukali, Kannyarkali is one of the most ancient ritual arts of Kerala, which is today one of the most popular folk dances in Kerala. Traditionally practiced by the Nair community of the Palakkad area, Kannyarkali is an excellent combination of dance and comedy. In addition to this, the dance form is combined with several facets of the famous martial arts of Kerala, which give this ancient ritual art of Kerala popularity that even today remains intact.

Kannyarkali is usually performed ion the temples of Kerala between the months of March to April as well as in "tharas" or informal gatherings. The number of performers generally vary from six to twenty, while, the performances are held for as long as five days. The festivities of each day are named by its specific name which also differs in the minuteness of its style.