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Crafts of Kerala

The Art and craft of any country or state is a living example of the country's rich past and heritage. Kerala is a treasure trove of the finest crafts that one has ever seen- it touches a nerve cord with your artistic sensibilities. Rosewood carving which is a special craft form in Kerala tells of the indigenous method and skill of the craftsmen in carving and chiseling figures out of rosewood.

Carvings of elephants, curios, boxes and a host of other items are produced with meticulous precision. Or for example take into account the coconut shell products of Kerala. It will amaze you sometimes to find what specimen of crafts can be created from something as trivial as coconut shells or wood.

These craftsmen haven't visited the house of Swarovski or Dior but they can teach a thing or two about fineness and artistry too. Keep looking at their array of handloom products of boxes, coir mats, bags, figurines and yes you are sure to be dumbfounded. Specimens of crafts of Kerala features in the house of many people all over the world.

The government of Kerala has taken special initiative to open a craft village in Aranmula, which houses some of the best specimens of the crafts of Kerala. Keep a lookout for their mural works and masks. Bamboo and palm stalks are used to produce beautiful table mats and bags, metal mirrors better known as Aranmula Kannadi also hold a place of pride in these workshops.

Significantly enough, the crafts of Kerala have a twofold motive. Firstly it upholds the crafts of Kerala to the world forum and secondly it also forms a source of bread and butter to the many poor craftsmen of the state. Crafts of Kerala act a source of income to these people, to the government, and to many other industries associated directly or indirectly with Kerala art and craft.