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Crafts of Kerala

Kerala is known throughout the world for its beautiful backwaters, beaches, hill stations, and every inch of history that spans space and time. The art and craft of any country or state is a living example of the country's rich past and heritage. Kerala is a treasure trove of the finest crafts one has ever seen; it touches a nerve cord with your artistic sensibilities. For example, rosewood carving, a unique craft form in Kerala, tells of the indigenous method and skill of the artisans in carving and chiseling figures out of rosewood.

Carvings of elephants, trinkets, boxes, and various other items are produced meticulously. Or, take into account the coconut shell products of Kerala. It will amaze you sometimes to find what specimens of crafts can be created from something as trivial as coconut shells or wood.

List of Kerala's crafts

  • Bell Metal craft kerala
  • Coir handicrafts of Kerala
  • Lacquer Ware
  • Wooden Toys
  • Bamboo Pen
  • Coconut Shell Handicrafts
  • Screw Pine products
  • Pulpaya Mats
  • Banana Fiber Handicrafts
  • Rice Straw Handicrafts
  • Kathakali Papier-mâché Masks

Rice Straw Handicrafts- The traditional practice of "rice straw painting," which has its roots in Kerala, involves creating exquisite artwork using various colors of rice straw. Each painting is made up of a number of carefully cut and adhered pieces of rice straw on a background of black cotton fabric.

Banana Fiber Handicrafts- When processed, the banana plant's trunk produces a fine natural fiber. The popularity of crafts made from banana fiber is growing gradually. This fiber is also used to create wall hangings, mats, and bags.

Screw Pine products- Kerala's screw pine weaving is a traditional craft. The leaves of screw pine are used to weave three different kinds of mats. Straw hats, bed linen, and carry bags are the three most commonly used screw pine goods.

Coconut Shell Handicrafts- One of the naturally occurring things that is most prevalent in Kerala is the coconut. In reality, Kerala is covered in coconut trees, and the best part is that the entire coconut fruit is consumed. A variety of items, including bowls, vases, tea pots, and toys, are made from coconut shells.

Bamboo Pen- One of the green goods that are frequently used in Kerala is the bamboo pen. Business places employ bamboo pens in particular as giveaways. The artisans use tiny bamboo reeds to make the pens.

Lacquer Ware- Woodwork and metal are combined to create lacquer ware. The beautiful wood carvings made by artists are then lacquered, and the finished product is then embellished with priceless metals. The best lacquerware may be found in the state of Ernakulam.

Importance of Crafts in Kerala

The government of Kerala has taken the unique initiative of opening a craft village in Aranmula, which houses some of the best specimens of the crafts of Kerala.

Significantly enough, the crafts of Kerala have a twofold motive. Firstly, it upholds the crafts of Kerala to the world forum, and, secondly, it forms a source of bread and butter for the many poor artisans of the state. The crafts of Kerala are a source of income for these people, the government, and many other industries associated directly or indirectly with Kerala's art and crafts.

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