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Oppana Muslim Dance Kerala

wedding. The Arabic word Afna is the source of the word Oppana. Among the Muslim populations of Malabar, oppana performances can be observed during a number of religious festivals such as Maarkkakalyanam, Vayassariyikkal, and Naalppathukali, in addition to wedding scenes. Sometimes, as part of the Nikkah (marriage) ceremony, both men and women present oppana.

How is Oppana Muslim Dance performed?

During wedding ceremonies, 15 girls, including the musicians, play oppana as a kind of social entertainment to the tune of Mappila Pattu (traditional folk Muslim song). The oppana performances are magnificent visual marvels. The bride is seated on a peetam (chair) among the dancers, dressed in ceremonial garb, sparkling gold jewelry, and gorgeous mehandi designs covering all of her hands and feet.

Purpose of Oppana Muslim Dance in Kerala

If you are part of a Muslim wedding in Kerala, you might see the Opanna Dance of Kerala. One of the traditional dance forms of Kerala came in mainly with the wedding celebrations. Often addressed to the bridegroom regarding their marital bliss, these dances and songs are a way to tease the bride and add some more fun and laughter to make the event of the wedding special. Girls and maidens sing this song by clapping their hands, which is generally associated with the wedding festivities. But besides weddings, Oppana Dance in Kerala is also presented during the stage shows as it is entertaining.

Participants of Oppana Muslim Dance in Kerala

In Oppana Dance in Kerala, men and women equally participate in the dance. The women move in a circle around the bride while the men sing songs to receive the bride. The songs of Mappilappattu are sung by the leader and then repeated in chorus in Opana, Kerala.

Numerous art styles can be found in the "God's own Country," and oppana holds a renowned position among them. So, if you are planning to visit Kerala, then check out our Kerala tour packages.


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