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Poothanumthirayum is one of the most popular ritual arts of Kerala. There are a number of arts and crafts practiced in Kerala, including dance, martial arts, and ritual arts. The ritual arts of Kerala are extremely unique and bear the legacy of the Kerala traditional art and craft. Most of these ritual arts are hundreds of years old.

These ritual arts, representing the culture of Kerala, are perfectly bona fide. Originating from the religious and social history, the ritual arts of Kerala are an integral part of the social life of the inhabitants of Kerala.

Poothanumthirayum is a ritual art that is worth a watch on your Kerala Tour. Poothanumthirayum is a ritual offering to Goddess Kali, performed in several places of South Malabar. The ritual marks the creation of Goddess Kali and the accompanying spirits (the Poothams) for the destruction of the evil demon, Daarikan. A troupe of dancers dress up as Kali (the Thira) and the Poothams for the performance of the ritual. Those impersonating Thira wear colorful masks, while the ones posing as the spirits are adorned with semi-circular wooden crowns.

Poothanumthirayum ritual art of Kerala is performed every year between the months of November and May with much fervor. The ritual is observed in every household and on the premises of village shrines. This unique and vibrant ritual art of Kerala is extremely popular among the local people as well as the tourists.