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Rosewood Carvings of Kerala

The state of Kerala has got a rich tradition of making handiworks or handicrafts. The tradition of the Kerala handicrafts has been carried forward by many generations. The artisans of Kerala are extremely talented and rich with innovative ideas. The products made by the artisans of Kerala represent the heritage and beauty of Kerala.

For over many years the rosewood is considered as the best medium to carve out handicrafts. Rosewood has got both strength and sustainability in contrast to the other types of wood. The handicraft items are carved and made out of rosewood which is very resilient and long lasting.

The rosewood crafts are carved out by master craftsmen who have gained experience for many years and learnt the techniques traditionally. Most of the Rosewood Carvings of Kerala are done by hands only. The shape of the final product carved out from rosewood is entirely reliant on the craftsman's previous planning as well as experience.

Apart from the rosewood, other kinds of mediums are also used in the carvings. One such medium is the coconut shell. All these handiworks are in demand and are admired all over the world for their beauty and craftsmanship. The best examples of the Rosewood Carvings of Kerala are the Kathakali Head, Elephant, Coconut Monkey, etc.