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Theeyattu Kerala Ritual Art

Kerala is famous for its different and unique art forms and one such ritualistic art form is Theeyattu. This is a devotional ritualistic art form of Kerala. Generally performed at the Bhadrakali Temple and the Ayappa Temple, Theeyattu is a popular ritual of Kerala.

The word Theeyattu means dance of God. During the performance of Theeyattu, a single actor performs the dance and they are called Theeyattuni. The dancer dons the make up Goddess Bhadrakali and chants several slokas and hymns for the well being of the audience. When the dancer dons the headgear during Theeyattu it is believed that he is the God. The Theeyattu dance depicts the war of Bhadrakali with Darikasura where finally Bhadrakali emerges as the winner.

Different Mudras of Theeyattu that resemble the classical dance forms is displayed by the dancer and that enthrall the spectators.

Every dance form of Kerala is related to some legend and Theeyattu even narrates the story of Bhadrakali. The dance form is generally practiced by a small group of performers called Unni.

The Theeyattu is a ritual which is followed every Friday at the Pallippurathu Kaavu Temple. If you are planning a Kerala Tour then drop in here to see the beautiful performance of Theeyattu.