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Wood Inlay Products

The state of Kerala has got a rich tradition in making handiworks or handicrafts. The tradition of the Kerala handicraft has been carried forward by many generations. The artisans of Kerala are exceptionally talented and replete with innovative ideas. The products made by the artisans of Kerala represent the heritage and beauty of Kerala.

Wood Inlay is the process of decorating the surface of wood by setting in pieces of materials such as ivory, plastic, bone, or wood pieces of various colors. The craft of wood inlay is condensed in the places like Mysore, Karnataka and Kerala where its roots can be traced back to a family by the name of Mirza Yousuf Ali, who were groundbreakers in the field of wood craft.

While making the Wood Inlay Products of Kerala, the artisan smoothes the base of the wood and the design is traced and engraved into the surface. The various components of wood inlay are thoroughly accumulated to match and fit exactly into the furrows of the carved wood and then are attached with adhesive. The designs are completed by getting the required shades with several coatings of polish.

The work of Marqueterie is relatively new to the state of Kerala which has developed quite well. This is not something traditional in Kerala. Apart from the charm that is provided by the wood inlay work to any article and in spite of the anatomic flaws caused due to deformity, any piece of wood can be used purposefully. Preferably finer types of wood like Teak, Rose, White Cedar are used in order to prevent easy cracks. The Wood Inlay Products of Kerala include items such as teapoys, stools, various types of trays, boxes, vases, ash trays, and photo frames.

The Wood Inlay Products of Kerala are extremely popular with the tourists visiting Kerala every year from all over the world.