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Seafood in Kerala

Blessed with a 36,000 sq. km marine water spread and about 3600 sq km of inland water bodies, the coastal state of Kerala ranks as the largest fish landing state in peninsular India. Naturally, this ensures that seafood forms an integral part of the cuisine of Kerala. In fact, Seafood in Kerala is very popular, to the extent that Kerala cuisine is incomplete without a seafood dish being consumed with every meal.

Kerala is famous for its distinctive cuisine and no visit to this land of scenic backwaters, beaches and hill stations will be complete unless you sample the irresistible seafood in Kerala - available everywhere from the beachfront stalls to the luxury hotels and resorts.

Taste the local flavor of fresh seafood in Kerala served at the seaside stalls on the spectacular beaches. Some popular varieties of fishes consumed include shrimp, cuttlefish, squid, oil sardines (mathi chala), mackerel (ayila), prawn (chemmeen), silver bellies (mullans), tuna, rays and shark. Even crabs, mussels and oysters comprise popular seafood items. Mussels are the all-time favorite seafood in Kerala; a special dish consisting mussel and rice flour, cooked in the shell is called 'arikadaka' and is a rage among tourists visiting the land.

The delightful seafood fare in Kerala also includes various forms of fish fry or fish curry cooked with a wide variety of Kerala spices, coconut and vegetables. "Karimeen Mappas" or fried fish is very popular among seafood lovers, as is a fish curry called "Fish Moilee". "Meen Vevichathu" or fish in fiery red chilly sauce and prawn curry in coconut gravy are among the all-time favorite seafood in Kerala.

Another seafood delicacy you must try is the traditional Kerala grilled fish liberally covered with spiced onion curry and wrapped in a banana leaf. You can also sample a fillet of deliciously spiced Kingfish and jumbo prawns, served with a dash of lemon juice and accompanied by accompanied by loads of lightly-spiced calamari rings and a delectable vegetable platter. Some unique preparations of lobsters and scampi are also worth trying while sampling seafood in Kerala.