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Chavara Cultural Centre Kerala

The Chavara Cultural Center, Kochi, has been the pioneering institute in endorsing devotion to God and encouraging sodality among humanity. Inaugurated in 1971, the Chavara Cultural Center is a charitable and secular organization with no political connection. Named after the blessed Cyriac Elias Chavara, the Chavara Cultural Center is a challenge to preserve Indian culture to the fullest extent.

Since art and culture constitute the main features of Indian heritage, its maintenance and promotion are vital. This necessity contributes to forming a secular institution where people irrespective of caste, class, and creed may add another feather to the glowing coronet of Indian culture.

Aim of Chavara Cultural Center Kerala

The Chavara Cultural Center is one such organization that aims to motivate people toward cultural and artistic activities. Youth was the ancient time to teach ideas of creativity that would be fruitful henceforth. The Chavara Cultural Center in Kochi realizes the role of youth and encourages them to attend various functions and cultural programs.

Importance of Chavara Cultural Center in Kerala

These cultural programs at Chavara generate innovative talent and help the talent in the younger generation burst forth like an open volcano. Furthermore, an interfaith gathering held at Chavara Cultural Center helps remove the differences among humanity and teaches the idea of brotherhood. The dialogues and prayers also help to promote fraternity among men.

The public library trains students to gather more knowledge outside their syllabus and scheduled texts. To prepare the students for a better future so they can face life's challenges boldly, French and English classes are held here regularly.

Subjects taught at the Chavara Cultural Center in Kerala

Music and dance taught at Chavara Cultural Center help the younger generation immensely. Being inspired enormously, these people, in later days, became the pride of India. Even international cultural programs carry a program of Indian cultural origin.

So, the students from Chavara Cultural Center get excellent exposure to the international audience. In this way, they gradually move towards the attainment of their goals. In the Chavara Cultural Center, both national and international cultural programs are performed.

Management of Chavara Cultural Center in Kerala

Various speakers come here and speak their hearts out about fraternity and faith. Managed by the CMI Congregation of priests, the Chavara Cultural Center is run simultaneously with 200 other learning organizations all over India.

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