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CVN Kalari Sangham Kerala

The CVN Kalari Sangham in Thiruvananthapuram is close to the East Fort, a few minutes' walk from the central bus station. This center of excellence was built in 1956 due to the constant commitment and efforts of C V Narayanan Nair, Kottackal Karunakara Gurukkal, and C V Balan Nair. Due to this trio's efforts, the dying art of Kalaripayattu (traditional martial art of Kerala) was revived once again. Moreover, these people popularized the art through demonstrations, collecting necessary information, and setting up cafes throughout the state.

How to reach CVN Kalari Sangham, Kerala?

The nearest railway station is Thiruvananthapuram Central, about 1 1/2 km away.

The nearest airport is Trivandrum International Airport, about 6 km away.

An entire system of medicine evolved around this art

The Kalari tradition includes the Kalari Chikitsa, or Kalari therapy. Sprains, fractures, wounds, and other ailments are the main conditions it is used to treat. In order to increase their bodies' suppleness, performers of various Kerala traditional arts likewise go through the Kalari Chikitsa. Using the age-old Ayurvedic method of massages and herbs, the masters of Kalaripayattu are amazing healers skilled at treating physical afflictions.

Kalari performances at CVN Kalari

On request, performances are scheduled both domestically and internationally. At the Kalari in Thiruvananthapuram and Kozhikode, interested groups are given lectures and demonstrations. The times are often from 0600 to 0900 and from 1700 to 1900.

The CVN Kalari Sangham has just released the English and Malayalam versions of P. Balakrishnan's book Kalarippayattu.

What will you find at CVN Kalari Sangham, Kerala?

At CVN Kalari Sangham, visitors will find idols of some deities, where holy rituals are performed before the beginning of every training session to obtain divine blessings. Apart from the leading standard of Kalari Paradevata, visitors will find Bhadrakaali, Ganapathi, and Naga idols. The rituals of worship form an integral element of the Kalari tradition.

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