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Kathakali Centre Kerala

Dance Drama has been an integral part of Kerala Culture, and Kathakali is one such dance form. As a folk dance form, Kathakali has its roots in rural Kerala, and the Kerala Kathakali Centre has been set up to popularize this dance form. It is one of the most reputed cultural centers, where regular cultural performances span the whole night and end at early dawn. The performances feature stories enacted from the epics like Ramayana and Mahabharata, invigorating the artistically inclined.

Apart from enjoying the performances, you can take part in meditation sessions in the morning. Moreover, this center is well known for offering courses for Bharatnatyam, Kuchipudi, and Mohinattam (dance styles).

Where is it located?

The Fort Cochin Kathakali Centre is located at the Cochin Aquatic Club on River Road.

  • Timing: 9:30 AM to 10:00 PM
  • Entry Fee: There is no Entry Fee
  • Kathakali:- INR 300
  • Indian Classical Dance - INR 200
  • Indian Classical Music - INR 250
  • Martial Arts - INR 250
  • Meditation - INR 200
  • Yoga - INR 350

The architecture of Fort of Kathakali Centre, Kochi

The architecture of this center is just something else that makes it more appealing. It is built in Malabar style, and its wood carving reflects the traditional values.

Description of Kathakali

The elaborate mask and make-up of the Kathakali dancers are things to marvel at. The dancers' characters come to life on stage or in the temple courtyards. Generally, the Kings have bright green or blue faces, and women have yellow faces. The faces of dancers portraying evil characters are painted red to indicate their foul nature. Black-faced masks characterize the tribal population of characters from the lower rung of society.

About Kathakali Performances

In Kathakali, two singers accompany the dancers vocally, and numerous instruments like Percussion Instruments, Cymbals, and Drums accompany to keep the rhythm or Taala. Indicating the victory of good over evil, the traditional Kathakali dance beings in the evening and continues nightlong. Men should stress the theme of the termination of evil in the dance drama. Gaining insight from the Kathakali, they can imbibe these lessons into their daily lives.

History of Kathakali in Kerala

Deeply rooted in Indian Mythology, Kathakali combines literature, acting, music, painting, and dance. Kalamandalam in Kerala is one such organization that has devoted itself to enriching the Indian Culture.

Eminent artists, who have attained glory, have collaborated and facilitated the formation of the Kerala Kathakali Centre. Likewise, famous Cultural personalities like Pattikkamthodi Racunni Menon, Guru Kunchukkurup, and Kalamandalam Krishnan Nair have been associated with the institution at different times.

The Kathakali Centre in Fort Cochin imparts a love for traditional India to younger hearts. Enacting roles from the epics make them aware of our rich literary heritage and throw light on the ancient Indian customs.

The rigorous training period is rewarded with a chance for every trainee to perform live on stage. This is an experience that every student eagerly waits for. You can include a visit to this center by booking our customizable Kerala tour packages.

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