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Vijnana Kala Vedi

The Vijnana Kala Vedi Cultural Center, Aranmula, established in 1977, is one of the pioneering institutes attempting to preserve the ancient Indian culture. Inaugurated by a French artist, Louba Schild, the main objective of this organization is to impart aesthetic sense to the Indian populace.

The concept of the artistic and cultural traditions followed in India, which is still more or less blurred or vague in most people's minds, gets a concrete manifestation here. The spirit of India finds a vibrant expression in its traditional arts, crafts, and performing arts.

The center seeks to acquaint foreign nationals with India's artistic and cultural heritage. It also undertakes the artistic training of our country's youngsters to preserve India's cultural tradition.

Various institutions assisted in the formation of this cultural center. These institutions include UNESCO, the Sangeet Natak Academy of India, the South Zone Cultural Center, and other renowned organizations. Since this organization has national and international recognition, the Vijnana Kala Vedi Cultural Center, Aranmula, is the perfect place for the blooming of talents.

History of the Vijnana Kala Vedi Cultural Center

The year 1981 is especially memorable in the history of the Vijnana Kala Vedi Cultural Center, Aranmula. This year, mural paintings belonging to this cultural center found a place in the exhibition held at the Museum of Fine Arts in Paris. Here, the Indian Department of the Center of Fine Arts received high recognition and gained tremendous popularity.

In 1991, a seminar was organized by the Vijnana Kala Vedi Cultural Center, Aranmula. Based on traditional arts, crafts, and mural paintings, it became an incredible success for this cultural organization.

Who set up the Vijnana Kala Vedi Cultural Center?

A Center for Traditional Architecture and Mural Painting has been set up as a part of its success story, which came to be known as Vastu Vidya Gurukulam. The credit for setting up this extraordinary institution goes to the Kerala government.

Why is Vijnana Kala Vedi Cultural Center famous?

This center also owns the Kathakali Kaliyugam. The Vijnana Kala Vedi Cultural Center, Aranmula, has become an excellent center for dance and songs. Carnatic Vocal Music, Mohiniattam, Bharatnatyam, Kalamezuthu, and Mural Paintings are some of the distinctive performing arts extensively patronized by the Vijnana Kala Vedi Cultural Centre. A tour to Aranmula is almost incomplete without a visit to this reputed institution that has always been one of the leaders in preserving Indian culture.

How to reach the Vijnana Kala Vedi Cultural Center?

The nearest railway station is Chengannur, about 10 km away.

The nearest airport is Thiruvananthapuram International Airport, about 117 km away.

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